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ok guys, I know a lot of starlights are very concerned about Leo and Ravi... here is what the media had to say and also a advise to the fans!
Ravi fainted while performing ( this you already probably read about) Later on, Leo was also absent from the ending of the show. N reassured fans that both Leo and Ravi were all right. The organizing company stated that both Ravi and Leo had suffered adverse affects from the high altitude in Mexico that they weren't used to in Korea. According to fans, neither Leo nor Ravi were present at the VIP events afterward because they were resting. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/05/ravi-collapses-during-vixxs-concert-in-mexico-leo-also-absent-during-ending
This is also said to be true by Mexican fans they were very concerned. Please understand, going from one country to another itself is not easy , there are many weather changes and altitudes in which people sometimes feel uncomfortable or it is hard for breathing etc.
Please don't share the video! fans are very concerned about others sharing the video! kpop idols are extremely hard on themselves, something like this that is all over the media will make our idols feel extremely sad and disappointed at themselves...he should not feel like this as it was something that came natural (really he should not feel bad ever) but they are hard on themselves. Please don't share, only to update on health status. other fandoms are using the video to bash Vixx! I'm not a crazy huge vixx fan but I know friends are worried about this, it's normal to be alarmed and feel like maybe your idol is not being properly taken care of etc.
@Ticasensei I wish that everyone could get along like in vingle
what in- ok that's wrong for other fandoms to use this video knowing that everyone is still shaken up about this
I saw the vid...what if his family saw....they would be horrified
@SimplyAwkward true! vingle is all love for all groups, but in alot of places people just fight because they are biased to a group
@SimplyAwkward its fuel to them, and everyone is sharing they don't understand the idol feels bad for... feeling bad? uhhhhhh!,
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