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Alright Starlight's, I think I can speak for us all when I say that we all are having mini heart attacks at the moment. I saw the news of Ravi fainting, and then Leo also not finishing the concert and my heart dropped in my chest. Thankfully, there has now been a statement released about what happened!
According to the statement, Ravi and Leo were both feeling adverse effects from the high altitude of Mexico that they aren't used too. That as well as the extremely hot weather and the amount of people attending the venue created for a very bad combination. Ravi fainted due to the heat and altitude, and Leo's breathing troubles were also due to the altitude change. Mexico fans have also supported this, attempting to calm fans down and let them know the cause behind it so Jellyfish and Vixx as well do not receive a lot of bad rep.
A few fan accounts have said that Hongbin and Hyuk appeared to be okay during the VIP event. They both seemed to be very happy to meet fans! A few people said that Ken felt like he was extremely hot and he didn't appear to be feeling well, so I trust that Ken will also be resting once the concert is finished. N looked like he was verrryyy worried for his members, which scarily sounds very much like our leader! One fan said that to her it looked like N had been crying and like he could start crying at any moment. It appears like our N was very shaken up and shocked by what happened, so I hope we can also send our wishes to N and hopefully help him feel a little better!
I am also guilty too when I say, I freaked out. Like....majorly. Seeing the fans support and the statement's have comforted me a little and I think we can start feeling a little better now. I'm sure that Vixx is very concerned and it came as a shock to them as well, so I think the most important thing is to let Vixx know that we support them! To let them know that it's okay and Starlight's aren't mad at anyone for this. Although Vixx has been very busy, now that we know the cause of what happened I trust that Vixx will receive all of the rest they need and that we will see our boys back to normal in no time! Right now we should all show our support for Vixx and let them know that everything is alright!
@MaeLyn @Mightmuffin @Winx9119 @CLAKPOP @ChaErica @kpopandkimchi @Helixx It's officially been confirmed by the company. The venue that they performed at was at a much higher altitude, as well as in a very hot area. Ravi and Leo told staff that they felt dizzy, and they knew that the two members needed to sit out. Although the other members will continue performances to the best of there ability, Ravi and Leo were taken back and given emergency medical treatment from a medical team on site. There schedules have been canceled and the two members are going to return back to Korea. There they will receive treatment at a hospital and they will be taken care of. For the time being Ravi and Leo will not participate in any scheduled events.
I'm glad they're okay ;-;
Get well soon babies :'((((
I'm just glad that they're okay!!!
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