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Have you guys just had a day where you don't really know what's going on and need constant reality checks? Well I had one of those days today and I'm still confused. Anyway, my friend Krystal and I tried to make goo out of water, baby powder, and glue. When that failed miserably, we just put it in the road and I decided to make Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. Then when I saw some yellow flowers I added them:3 Then I helped my friends get their peacock. It was raining for a while and we went on a wild peacock chase through everyone's yard and do you know how crazy we must've sounded when we asked to go in their yards? "Hi, can we go in your backyard? My friend lost her peacock and it's on your roof, do you mind if we try to get it back?" The neighbors tried to help but. . . . . They aren't exactly the smartest people ever. So if you guys know how to get a peacock home, can you tell me?? And this is a domesticated peacock so I'm not sure what to do. The fire station recommended we call paws, then we called every number we could think of that might help but to no avail☹️ Anyway, tell me one of your crazy days, I would love to hear what goes on in my internet friends' lives😀 @ShinigamiSan @windfox @gabbycalzada @jealousshota @SAMURXAI @superjkob @mymi
I wont deny that haha oh well. if it was meant to be, it was meant to be
hey you make fun of it but less weird meetings have happened
like..."yes, as my new found love, you shall love me for the rest of your life!!! as such we shall hold hands and go to the nearest movie theater right now! lets go." (leaves her friend back at the park) her life changed with a simple joke.
you should have taken advantage of the situation @superjkob
@windfox I thought they were joking o.o I mean who does that? like two girls, one who was supposed to be my "girlfriend" and the other endorsing it??? she was just kind of yelling the most about the boyfriend girlfriend thing? I thought they were just messing with me