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I have been eating SO MUCH ice cream lately! And with 2016 predicted to break heat records across the board, it seems that it's going to be a hot, humid, and popsicle-filled summer!

I was thinking about the different popsicles I used to like eating when I was a little girl and realized that a LOT of them have been discontinued for one reason or another. (Mostly due to the change in trends. R.I.P the 90s.)

Do you remember these novelty treats?

Mickey's Parade ice pops were like mini ice sculptures for Disney fans.

Okay, so Push-Up Pops still exist, but there was something exciting about having Fred or Barney on the package.

With cherry slushie and a gumball at the bottom, Screwballs were the gift that kept on giving.

Whether it was Gak, Floam, or Silly Putty, '90s kids loved slime - which is why Nickelodeon's slime pops were EVERYTHING.

And what could be grosser than slime? Popsicles with REAL BUGS in them - real GUMMY bugs, that is!

The Trix rabbit was WAY more popular in the 90s - so much so that he had his own yogurt AND his own pops!

So what was your favorite popsicle growing up? Was it any of these? Did I leave your favorite one out?

Let me know in the comments below!
@MzDawson31508 I do I had one once at 13
at least.they still have those icicle pops. ya know the ones that come in those long clear plastic tubes that come in different colors to define their flavor and just pop in the freezer to freeze it and when frozen rip the plastic tip and suck on the ice or bite it, whichever u did.
I loved the tmnt ones
the Disney one's were my favorite when I was a baby(like 2 years old)
Finally! @AleciaReedy You're the first person I've "met" that remebers those things
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