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That just happened last night during Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Let's take a closer look!

Now that was totally unnecessary!

After that took place, the referees reviewed the play and then called it a Flagrant 1 for unnecessary contact.
Unnecessary? Yes for sure, but I think it was just straight up wrong to even do that to a man that doesn't even have kids yet! And this wasn't the first time Green kicked Adams in his private area.

Yeap. It also happened during Game 2 when Green knee-ed Adams in the nuts.

Sports fans,

Do you think that was intentional? If so, should Green be fined and suspended for Game 4?

Comment below on what you think about this whole incident!
The NBA better not suspend him....I would be pissed! He was just trying to balance himself as he was coming down!
it seemed like he could have avoided it.
@DucktheFodgers Great aim for a guy that was just trying to balance himself :p
I honestly don't think D Green did that on purpose. Sure he likes to get fired up but that doesn't mean he's going to kick someone in the balls!