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WARNING: Mature Situations
Dinner was pleasant, entertaining, and more informative then you imagined. Being with the two people they loved seemed to open both [HN] and Eun up. Stories flowed back and forth from childhood, trainee days, and you begin to realize just how mischievous the two of them together really are. Laughter and threats fill the air when unwanted stories are shared; you think a bit of food even flew across the table before her husband stopped her.
When they begin discussing details that the lawyers still need to take care of, you excuse yourself to get some air. You step out onto the balcony and take in the beautiful sights of the city. Her view is just as breathtaking as [HN]’s but her apartment is on a lower floor. After a few minutes you hear a cough and turn to see Jaewoon.
“May I join you?”
“Oh, yes. Please.”
“The two of them together sometimes get overwhelming; so much history there.”
You nod and smile.
“However, you shouldn’t let it bother or worry you. It used to just be myself and the two of them. [HN] is different tonight, a good different, a lighter different; almost freer if you will. You are responsible for that I believe. His feelings for you are apparent, you shouldn’t doubt them.”
“Thank you for that. I had questioned that in my mind, I’ll be honest.” You look back in the room where they are still sitting at the table holding a serious discussion. You smile at the sight of him. “But if I didn’t believe we could make this work, I wouldn’t have come back with him.”
He nods, “Very wise. Just let me say how much Eun and I appreciate you moving in here. I realize it might feel awkward for you at times, and I’ll apologize for that now.” He smiles and looks back in the room as well, “I have been in love with that woman in there for 7 years. When her parents first denied us, wouldn't even let us date, I was crushed." He takes a sip of his drink and turns back to you, "Thankfully she’s her own woman and with [HN]’s help we were able to counter them. I owe that man my life,” he turns to stare at you, “I think I’m just as protective of him as Eun is.”
You look him in the eyes, “Message received. Honestly, I already love him. I have since he unexpectedly picked me up from the airport when I first arrived. I don’t ever want to hurt him.”
The two of you stand in silence a moment, than hear the chairs scrape on the floor. Turning you see [HN] stand up and hold his arm out to you.
“I guess they are done. Have a goodnight.” You smile and walk in to join him.
When Eun and Jaewoon disappear to their side of the apartment he pulls you down on the couch. “Up for a movie?”
You laugh, “One we’ve already seen that doesn’t matter if we finish? Or an actual movie to watch?”
He bops you on the nose, “I think I can control myself through an actual movie, can you?”
You roll your eyes as he grabs the throw from the back of the couch and begins arranging it. You hand him the remotes and pull the blanket over onto you.
He looks over, a shocked look on his face. “What?! You’re a blanket thief?”
You slide over next to him; resting your head on his shoulder. When you throw your legs onto his lap, you rearrange the blanket so that it covers him as well. He smiles down at you, turns back to the TV and selects a movie.
By the ending credits hands that had once been rubbing your feet, have begun to wander up and over your legs. Neither one of you have looked at the other, but kept your eyes solely on the TV. Halfway through the credits he turns the TV off and turns to you, “You really didn’t care about those did you?”
You smile, shaking your head. “You could have shut it off a good 5 minutes ago.”
He dramatically throws his head back, “Ah! Time wasted!”
He turns to you, goes up on his knees and crawls up to your face.
You laugh and remind him, “Not your place, remember?”
He lifts his head, looks around, than hangs his head. He climbs off the couch, turns and lifts you in his arms. You let out a little squeak, before remembering that the two of you aren't alone.
He wolfishly looks down at you, “You are now at my mercy. What are you going to do?”
As he walks down the hall, you throw your head back with a hand to your forehead.
“Oh mercy me, what will I do?” You raise your head to look at him mischievously, “Are you a pirate sir? Whatever will you do to me?”
He throws you on the bed, goes back and locks the door. When he turns he’s undone his shirtsleeves and is working on the buttons of his shirt. You lean up on your elbows to enjoy the show. He tosses the shirt aside as he advances toward the bed.
You sit up fully now, eyes roving over his chest. Looking at him you lick your lips,
“Well, you certainly are a delicious looking pirate. Very well, do your worst.” With that you throw yourself back on the bed with your arms flung open and your eyes closed. When you hear his laughter you open one eye and smile.
“Do my worst?” He’s actually laughing hard enough he lets out a little snort. You look over at him in shock and start laughing uncontrollably.
“AHH, did you just …ha ha ha … snort?”
He throws himself on top of you and starts a merciless tickle attack.
“Make fun of me will you?”
After a few more of his relentless tickles, you yourself let out a snort. You reach up and cover your mouth to which he laughs in victory, than reaches down and removes your hand.
His lips replace your hand and everything else is forgotten.
(And as a "laugh until you snort" kinda girl, him snorting made me very happy)
they are so cute I snort every time I laugh hard lol
They(we?) are so cute😍😂
that was a super cute chapter! I couldn't stop smiling! 😘
Awwww I love this
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