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sifting through card around here, I read a comment about life will be okay. I incur a traumatic brain injury last summer, & people are happy with how I turned out from it. I'm not. And all these friends keep telling me that "it's gonna be okay" when they ask "how am I?" and I tell them "I feel shitty." I hate when they say it's gonna be okay bec I could kill myself in the process and that's not okay. I thought my friends can be useless Sometimes. Now I gather from these comments, that it's what my friends say because it's probably what they say to themselves when they're facing their own hardship. positive friends: things will be okay, you're awesome! negative me: (thinking) no, they're no, bec life will eventually roll down hill again .
if you need someone to talk to just drop me a line. I will say this, its no lie that life is hard actually life is really shitty most times, seems that life just can't stop fucking us. but the only comfort I can offer you is that you can predict the future... by this I mean that you know that life hase it it's good parts and life has its bad parts. the trick is to acquire enough of the good parts to help you get to the bad parts. life is a bitch I know this first-hand I can't tell you how many times I've lost everything and had to start from scratch. but you know what, whether I have my friends by my side when I'm standing alone I know that I will always have me. I really hope whatever is troubling you this evening passes so that you may rest. lastly take solace in the fact that you are not alone and there are many like yourself out of the world such as I
I commend you for building back your life many times, bec I'm at list on how to build mine this time. and yes in solace, the thought of I'm not the only one struggling & living is encouraging. Thank You @alucard9768