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I've been in the Kpop game for a while now, starting with when I fell in love with this man back in 2006.

Meet Kim Jaejoong from TVXQ, the group that probably inspired half of your biases to become idols. They were kings.

He's a total goofball behind that stunning face and I fell for him, FAST.

He's also an incredible musician, with a voice that has amazing range and power.

He personally prefers to have a more rock and roll sound but his voice can lend itself to a ton of styles!

Even though I don't really follow him anymore, and only listen to TVXQ occasionally, he still holds a big part of my heart for bringing me into this fandom.

His hard work, determination, and talent inspires me every day!

Thank you Kim Jaejoong, you beautiful human!

So, who was your first Kpop bias EVER?!

My first bias was a tie between Jin and Taehyung! BTS was the first group I learned on my own and fell in love with. I guess TECHNICALLY I took a liking to Luhan first when @ChelseaJay showed me EXO. Haha!
A month into my freshman year of high school I fell in love....with Minho from SHINee
I only started listening to Kpop for a year, but the first group I listened to was SHINee, and I fell in love. I fell in love with the rapper Minho because he was just so childish with still being serious, and I loved that.
my first bias was Lay/Zhang Yixing & he still is my fave forever & always!
V from BTS
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