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I can imagine that being really fun XD
Aww Kookie is too cute ❤️❤️
YAH ***blushes intensely and throws shirt not really wanting to but way to embarrassed to endure***
I wouldn't have any one else do it.
Most likely Super Mario Kart.... Lol I wouldn't mind XDD
He sneaks into your bed at night for cuddles. Wouldn't mind one bit. I love cuddling!!
YAYA I wouldn't be able to look away!
It says holding hands at the bottom btw How romantic... Hold up are we friends or really close friends or more than friends Either way it's cute❤️❤️
Ok I guess we are dating.... hopefully the others don't get the wrong idea XD
Always wants to take couple photos with you. That would be really cool just having all these pictures on the wall and hang them up everywhere!! Oh I can just imagine it ❤️❤️
That is so Taehyung-esk Smiley funny Taehyung
I can also imagine this XD Though I feel like it would be sorta jokingly but still XD