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I was inspired by @sophiamor's card about Giethoorn in the Netherlands (for those who missed it, you can see it here) to share with you some of cosmopolitan London's crappiest places to lay your head. I bring to you first to a rental property in a London share house where your kitchen is also your shower. Yes, look closely at the image above, just inches from the microwave is your shower. Imagine the fun, you could shower while your flatmate cooks breakfast, how delightful, right? For £80 or US$120 I guess you don't expect much, but I would hope that I wouldn't be rinsing my salad next to where I scrub my junk.
Most of us have heard of a toilet under the stairs, but this place takes the idea of a stair toilet to a whole new level. Yep, you can use the toilet ON the stairs. Why not I guess, to me it feels a little too much like a stage ...and stagefright in your own bathroom couldn't be a good thing. This one bedroom flat is available for purchase, at the bargain price of £306,000 or US$460,000. Could it be a trend setter for toilets? Who knows?
This seemingly rather spacious studio has been thoughtfully decorated in blue tiles....floor to ceiling blue every room. Yes, every room. Look closely, that's the bed you can see from the kitchen. Imagine if you will, you have enticed a significant other, of a permanent or temporary nature back to your new apartment in London...imagine further, you entice the aforementioned 'other' into some horizontal activities in your bedroom. Allow your mind to imagine how much of a mood killer the sound of that metal bed frame grinding against those tiles would be. Vibe killer? I think so. This tiled hell can be rented for just £225 per week, about US$340. Stay tuned till the next episode of London real estate hell.
The blue tiles one looks like a morgue
omg the toilet on top of the stairs! Hahahaha! who in their crazy mind designed it? The cat?
Oh man. That last one isn't HORRIBLE, you know. I mean, if I lived there, I could figure out a way to make it work.