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Nabi fidgeted with her skirt making sure it was staying down. She knew it fit properly but it was her first day at her new job. She had landed a job at an advertisement agency before she moved out here. She had been in the top ten at her agency in America but this was a whole new ballgame. The doors opened on the elevator and she stepped out onto her floor. There were desks laid out in a not to organized way so that large projects could be worked on. There were cubical at the far end probably for personal work; there were also a few large offices where presentations were being showed.
“You must be the new girl!” She turned to look at the person who spoke. “By the look on your face I’ll take it as a yes. And by the confusion also there yes you aren’t the only white person who works here. As long as you don’t insult the clients they don’t really care about where you come from. Hard work is what matters. I looked over your portfolio before you got here and I have to say I’m very impressed. Taking on the Coca-Cola ad campaign almost by yourself is very impressive. Oh, sorry, my name is KoKo by the way. Well it’s not but that’s what everyone calls me here. I’m rambling again let me show you to your cubicle.” KoKo lead the way to the far end of the room showing Nabi her cubicle.
“I kinda had them move around so you can have a spot next to mine. I convinced them it would help you work better if you had someone like you near you. Also the lead ad designer’s cubicle is right there.”
“Thank you so much KoKo. Sorry if I’m not talking a whole lot I’m just trying to get used to everything. I’ve only been in Korea for a few days. I also wasn’t expecting to be greeted in English.”
“Darn I was speaking English wasn’t I. English comes out when I get excited. Luckily I’ve never done it to a client so I think I’m fine.” Nabi could not help but let out a small laugh.
“I’m actually very relieved to have someone who can sympathize with me here.”
“It’s no problem. Oh it looks like they are finished with the client. Let me introduce you.” KoKo pushed her back to the center of the floor. “Hey everyone this is the new girl Nabi. I’ve seen her portfolio and it’s super impressive. She is going to be a good addition to our team.”
“Hello everyone I’m Nabi.” There were a few hellos along with a few whispers like, she isn’t even Korean why is her name Korean, and, great another foreigner the company really is getting lax. Nabi just ignored them even though they weren’t really that quiet. One guy came up to them looking her over.
“Don’t drag me down. Mess up and I’ll make sure you’re transferred.” He just walked away towards the cubicle area. Nabi was more affected by him than any of the others. He really meant business.
“That’s just Yoongi. Don’t be too worried if, I haven’t gotten transferred then you’ll be more than okay. He was the one I was telling you about, the lead ad designer. I’d swear he doesn’t even go home sometimes.”
@SugaOnTop Oh no this is gonna be an angst huh?
Oh so is this going to be a Yoongi story??? or a Hoseok story??? hmmmmm
Please tag me
Lol I love how you made me, me without it being too much me... Did that make any sense??? Also I love Yoongi and his tough butt... I hope he softens a little though...
@SarahVanDorn you are correct
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