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With the second season of one of last years most raved and hyped (with awesome reception) anime finally coming to our screens this summer, it's time to look into and see the mastermind behind the most innovative and sprawling cookings and meals and dishes and recipies you'll ever see in anime!

Yukihira Souma himself!

Yes. He's good. Very good in fact. And he's so good at cooking that we don't even know just how far his skills and palate will take him.
That is...until a certain point.
A very specific point...

No worries, there won't be any spoilers here for the second season, as I am currently reading the manga and seen the epic battles that is to unfold to us this summer.

And trust me, Season 2 is gonna be hella good! XD

Let's start by analysing the battles themselves


The rules of a Shokugeki are very simple to follow, and even more simpler to watch and see.
One chef versus another. One dish. One theme.
Cook the best dish with the best skills you have, best ingredients you can find and best effort to win the battle!
Simple, right?
Yeah...it really is that simple, and Souma's absolute strength will lie somewhere in these rules.
Which one? (you might ask...)

His Opponents

Let's take a look at Souma's opponents he's had during the first season of the anime.
I'll also add in a few additional chefs that Souma hasn't battled against, but strengthens my point!

The Chefs of the Shokugeki Universe

Erina Nakiri - The God Tongue

Yukihira Joichiro - The Demon

Kojirou Shinomiya - The Légumes Magician

Alice Nakiri - Heaven Sent Child of Molecular Gastronomy

Ryou Kurokiba - Mad Dog

Tadokoro Megumi - Various (but with Légumes)

Ikumi Mito - Meat Master

Zenji Marui - The Walking Flavor Dictionary

Ibusaki Shun - The Prince of Smoke

Sadatsuka Nao - Boiling Witch

These are only some, and the manga takes up even more names and titles!
Oh wait...

Yukihira Souma - ???

Souma has already beaten these guys "by default". Yes, in the first season, he got his ass kicked by his father, "The Demon" and by a former student of Totsuki, "The Légumes Magician". But we can already see that his skills far surpasses Tadokoro and the..."lower tier" chefs.
The problem with these titles is that they "lock" a chefs ability to its current rank. What I mean by rank is how fancy the title is, since even someone who doesn't watch Shokugeki (shame...) knows that "The God Tongue" or "The Demon" sounds much more harder to beat than "Boiling Witch".
Someone with the title of God Tongue must be really hard to beat...
...but eventually, Souma will beat her. Since *he has no title yet*, or will ever take one!
He will keep on racing towards the top, and won't be limited by a mere title:
Because the title he deserves *cannot be expressed through words*, and no limit to his abilities will ever be set.

Eventually, Souma will beat them all.

Eventually, the apprentice surpasses his master

So don't fear the nobility of the name or title

Fear the Nameless

There are a few chefs that don't have a title either.
These are the few chefs Souma needs to look out for. Until they will eventually be given a title as well.

So, as long as Souma stays *title-less*...

...he will win in the end!

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while, but with school, health and various...
...I still have a bit too much on my hands right now...
But don't worry!
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'till next time!
@hikaymm it's really the best! XD You have until 4th of July (I think...)
Alright, I'm gonna binge season 1! I haven't actually seen this, but I think with my new found love of competition type shows, I should really try it!!
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@VoidX Okay, sir! :P I'm glad I have at least 2 shows on my summer list now, provided I like this one :D
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