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For the record, I haven't used an alarm clock for the longest time. I was tuning in on Youtube as usual but I was a bit tired today and almost fell asleep. All of a sudden BTS's BOY in Luv started to play and alerted my brain.
So, I decided to make a K-Pop Playlist (Alarm Clock Version) lol. If you want to participate or knows someone who has a list of great alarm clock tunes. Tag them! =)

1. BTS - BOY In Luv

You all have to agree this song is FIERCE. Starting from 0:51 the momentum builds up and the chorus will disrupt any sweet dreams and scare you off your bed.

2. Day6 - First Time

If use an alarm this would be my wake up tune. I will be rocking and rolling out of bed! ;)

3. BoA - The Shadow

Boa's strong vocals and the song's electric mix is a great track to wake up to.

4. Block B - Very Good

This song is indeed very good as an alarm tune. It will not fail at waking you up even in your deepest sleep especially that scream at the beginning!

5. ShiNee - Ring Ding Dong

Here's a classic replacement of you "ring" tone lol. It's catchy and much better sounding than the boring cellphone alert.

6. Got7 - Fly

Just because! And you know you would wake up to their lovely voices.

7. The Ark - The Light

This isn't as powerful as the other ones listed above but you get a good vibe from this hip-hop girl group. The melody is contagious and their vocals are strong!

8. Glam - Party (XXO)

Catchy song and strong vocalists. Despite, being a party track, it's actually an uplifting song to wake up to. Unfortunately, we can't really hear more from the girls anymore. They are disbanded and used to be in the same company as BTS. I'll give you a pat on the back if you can find Jimin in this music video!
I have 2 alarms - SHINee View and Super Junior Magic. I had VIXX Hyde and Z Tao T.A.O
I have Crayon and Zero for Conduct as my alarm
funny thing. my alarm is #5. it is quite effective.
I have Baepsae by BTS and Unbreakable by BAP as my alarm.
@AnnieGoodman Right! I can't believe I forgot that one.
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