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Mine was super relaxing!

It's finally feeling like summer around here so my boyfriend and I sat outside a cafe for an hour or so just reading and trying to stay out of the sun.

Then we had a picnic in the park by my house :3

Did you guys do anything special?

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busy yet relaxing. definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend!
I'm packing so....馃槙
Saturday: Walked for an hour outside to start getting some activity in my day. Then went to visit the local SPCA hoping to bring home a kitten. They were all adoption pending or bonded pairs, so I couldn't get one. Then spent the afternoon playing video games with my boyfriend and his brother. Sunday: Went to my boyfriend's mom's graduation from an interpreting program and then had a family dinner to celebrate my boyfriend's grandmother's birthday.
awesome. just back from the Bahamas.
hope all is well!