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Alright I'm about to take you waaaaaay back:

Kindergarden, 1996.

I actually don't remember much about the guy, named Cody, other than the fact that he was SUPER SMART.

He was the best reader in our class and ~*~rumors~*~ had it that he could read the same books as 5th graders!

I ALSO remember he had two guys that always hung out with him, and now I can only picture them as Crabbe and Goyle.

Which I guess makes Cody a really smart Malfoy...

I just spent kindergarten watching him from afar, then we weren't in the same first grade class. We were in second grade together but I was too busy learning cursive at that point haha!

Do you remember your first crush?!

4th grade, the crush started after competing Mario Kart with him at a friend's house. I even fainted because of him. It was during P.E. and I had already ran my two laps but we somehow ended up with sprint challenge. He obviously won and when we were lining up to head back to class I passed out. SUPER EMBARRASSING! Long story short, during 5th grade, his family moved out of town and that was the last time I saw him.
four years old at Wal-Mart, looking thru the posters when a boy my age started talking to me. The fact that I talked back was a miracle since it took me over six months to talk to my moms best friend who came over almost everyday. Anyways, he asked what poster I was getting. I showed him the puppy poster that I wanted but ma wouldn't let me get it. he took the poster and he said that he was going to ask him ma if they could get it for me. before I could even argue, he ran off. so I sat there for a while. my ma shows up first. I told her what happened but she said she didn't see anyone. I told her that I was going to wait for him. she wasn't having any of it. she dragged me out kicking and screaming. I never got him name though.
My first crush was at 3rd grade. It was a forbidden love tho, it was a girl I had a crush on. Since my brain functions in advance of knowing what's right and wrong, I never told her about my feelings so kept my feelings towards her, also she was straight. 5 years passed and I had still had feelings towards her, it was painful but I was happy cause she took me as her sister, so my feelings faded from her. Now, I found out last year in 10th grade that she turned to lesbian and thought for a moment that I'll have my chance, but I knew deep inside me that I'll nvr be her type for some reason that I don't know myself. That's my first and last crush I had trough all this years.
his name was Aaron was teen at the time and babysat me from kindergarten to 3rd grade (when he graduated high school). He was really nice took me play outside, held me when I was scared, watch my princess Disney movies with me or horror movies (wierd child I know but I love them). He was my best friend if I was having trouble with school or bullies he was the first One I'd tell him to....but when I got older he got married, I wasn't happy about it but yet again I was like in 5th grade haha his a family friend and he knew I had a kid crush on him he teases about it to me sometimes, specailly his sister haha
This was in like first grade. Well, what ivremeber most, up to fourth grade. His name was Connor. He was real smart, cute, and dorky. Hell, that describes my current boyfriend xD Anyway, I really liked him and we had this lunch choosing thing together (I have no idea what that was anymore) and I was really happy. But also nervous xD and at some point I had one if my friends tell him that I liked him and u was all the way across the playground and he spotted me. He had this extremely fearful look on his face xD I was devastated at the time but now its hilarious xD
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