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Alright I'm about to take you waaaaaay back:

Kindergarden, 1996.

I actually don't remember much about the guy, named Cody, other than the fact that he was SUPER SMART.

He was the best reader in our class and ~*~rumors~*~ had it that he could read the same books as 5th graders!

I ALSO remember he had two guys that always hung out with him, and now I can only picture them as Crabbe and Goyle.

Which I guess makes Cody a really smart Malfoy...

I just spent kindergarten watching him from afar, then we weren't in the same first grade class. We were in second grade together but I was too busy learning cursive at that point haha!

Do you remember your first crush?!

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but here's the shortened version: Liked him in third grade ALL THE WAY to high school(yep,it's been hell)but anyway,I recently found out he actually like me back at some point(NOBODY TOLD ME) and by middle school,he started dating one of my friends.I decided to try and stop liking him by dating someone else(obviously that didn't work though we stayed good friends) and current day,he and that friend broke up but he still has feelings for her.At least we're graduating soon馃槄
OH I FORGOT,I also told him I liked him at some point in sixth grade,to no reply.
@TinaDang you've been thru hell. Lucky your about to graduate. I'm have 3 years with my crush and I don't think I will ever get away from him sadly.
@Xiuyeolhyun My dear fellow kpop fan,I hope that your situation turns out well and that you might get over him someday. *salutes* Good luck!
I was never attracted to pretty boys nor athletic. my first crush was a nerdy, handsome guy. I remember him because he was my friend, but he wouldn't have gotten attracted to me because I was not attractive myself, so, we used to do hw together and work on problems together.