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Vingle Anime Challenge: Introduce Yourself!

Hey all!!

Since there's some new faces around here, as well as some old ones, I thought it would be fun to do some introductions again! I know we did these a few months back, but there's never a bad time to meet more people, right?


Tagging some new faces:
Tagging some long time members:
- neevp (queen) Romance • Action • Comedy Hmm Depends 😕 But I will go with Naruto • Fairy Tail • Noragami • and you can check my collection xD @JessieDelValle @tocalatoa @Fmcc ...
My name is Ashley and no one but family calls me that... My username is my PenName, KokoroNoTakara means Treasure of the Heart in Japanese... I use it everywhere, Xbox Live, AnimeCharacterDatabase, Fb, Line, KakaoTalk, Twitter, etc you name it if you find a site and there is someone named that the likely hood of it being me is extremely high... My list of animes is waaaaay too long to put on here but my 3 utmost faves are Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho and Ghost Hunt... I love anime, kpop, visual Kei, JRock, jpop, Asian Dramas and video games especially Kingdom Hearts...
Lisanna because my name is Lisa and I'm a hug fan of Fairy tail. Comedy, Action and Horror. Now Recommendations, ummm Fairy Tail, Noragami and Bleach😁
Username is Maximus, Because my name is Max and my brother use to call me the great Maximus when he was around. My top Genres are Action,Comedy, and Fantasy. Recommendation: Noragami, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and Hunter x Hunter👍😁 Most of my friends already commented on here😂
Chose Thunder because my friends name is Lightning so it went together lol. Top Genres are Romance Comedy, Action and well Fantasy. My anime recommendation is Fairy Tail! of course lol @Lisanna10 @Gajeel122 @Maximus2016
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