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I used to work at a daycare at the local gym and I miss hearing all the crazy things that would come out of those kids' mouths.

Kids are actually so wise haha!

"First grade girls are the nicest girls EVER."

What's the dorkiest thing you've ever said/thought about your crush!?

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Omg these kids are too cute. And @YumiMiyazaki, I absolutely feel your pain!! >_<
omg that was so cute
I remember telling my best friend in 2nd grade about a crush I had on this boy in our class. He sat behind us in class, and as soon as I finished telling her, she turns around and tells him. The next thing I know, him and his little group of guy friends are saying ew to which I'm trying to hush them while saying that I was just kidding. It's funny when I think about it now, but I remember fighting back my tears so as to not embarrass myself further. 馃槃
I think the way I spoke to him was really fast. he used to tell me why, are u talking fast. and well, I started getting like a tomoato red in front of him. this was in my middle school years.
lol, I have no awkward crush stories from elementary school, mainly because no one really liked me then (or now for that matter), mainly because I was such a realist, and pretty morbid(my nickname was Wednesday Adams for the longest), and I was constantly bullied for this, but I finally snapped and wrapped myself in poison ivy (not allergic to it btw) and would tackle the kids who threw stones at me, and in turn I did not develop crushes on those little assholes... crap, sorry for being so crude, I did it again... 馃槄