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Having a crush is simultaneously the best and worst thing that can happen to you.

And idk about you, but for me a crush ignites some weird secretive side of me that refuses to reveal her feelings even to those who are closest with me...

1. When your friends catch you staring at your crush.

What you say: "I wasn't staring."
What you mean: "Crap. They caught me glaring into his soul."

2. When you introduce yourself for the first time.

What you say: "Hey!"
What you mean: "Should we start planning our wedding right now or wait until lunch?"

3. When your crush says "hi" and your friends freak out.

What you say: "He just said hi. Chill out. Be cool."
What you mean: "That's it. He's definitely in love with me."

4. When you don't want to admit that your crush is the cutest person you've ever seen.

What you say: "They're not even that that cute."
What you mean: "That is the most glorious thing I've ever laid my eyes upon."

5. When you find out your crush is dating someone.

What you say: "I don't care."
What you mean: "I'm devastated. What does she have that I don't?!"

6. When your friends tell you to play hard to get.

What you say: "Yeah, totally. I can keep my distance."
What you mean: "How much distance is needed to play hard to get adequately? Can I still walk by his class every period and go to the library when I know he's meeting his study group?"

7. When you embarrass yourself in front of your crush.

What you say: "Oh, well. It's nbd."
What you mean: "I'm going into hiding. I'll contact you when the heat dies down."

Who else has lied to friends about your crush?!

I am sorry, don't mean to be rude, but I don't get it what is crush is all about. it's about you being fantasy about someone you admire? what I know, when I was teenage girl, I had admire this popular boy and I feel happy thinking about him but then I realized the feeling is not real unless he responded to me. so I'm back into reality.
@culversyanne I had a crush on a guy and found out he was hooking up/in love with my coworker who is SO COOL AND AWESOME I couldnt even be mad. I was crushed to hear it, but at least I knew he had good taste in girls haha
if I actually consider you a friend, you'll know everything haha There's no in between with me XD All or nothing! These are enjoyably relatable. I often ruin my feelings for a potential relationship just because I overthink everything and end up closing up, effectively backing out of the whole thing haha
I have done none of these. Is it a girl thing?
I'm a tsundere... that's all I have to say to that.
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