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@BlackoutZJ messaged me right as I was going to start watching this week's episode of Re: Zero and said it keeps getting "better and better." And he's totally right!

~this card has spoilers through Episode 8 of Re: Zero~

Oh, the pretty flowers~

I like that he was able to feel closer with Rem & Ram FINALLY! I'm not sure if it'll last, and that vase scene might totally screw him over. But they agreed to go to town with him! And when they did, I liked how Ram was all smiley, while Rem was looking at Subaru as if he is still suspicious. I hope they aren't poisonous in the end ;)

That Lap Pillow

What is there even to say? You deserve this moment, Subaru.


As much as it broke my heart, I'm so glad that Subaru had this breakdown. He really, really needed it. And I think, for the most part, it fixed the flaw I felt he had which was not ever showing how the hard times were affecting him.


Is she my favorite character? Yes, I think so :3

Sigh...I really can't wait for more of this show.

I really hope that he isn't suffering too much, and that maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to harness these Shadow powers. I wonder what makes his powers special, though, as I'm assuming his powers are why he was brought to this world? Maybe?

Can't wait for next week!!!!

Already started watching, really good!
I never seen this anime but I might watch it
@Alcides13 No it's not!
Boi this anime is such a beauty I'm glad I checked it out. The animation is so beautiful and story is captivating
This Show is freakin amazing I think Emilia-tan figured out what his Magic is
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