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More Amazing Re: Zero Cosplays!
I posted an ADORABLE Emilia cosplayer last week, so I thought today I'd highlight some other great cosplayers of characters from the show ^-^

Rem & Ram!!!

Our favorite maid twins, cosplayed beautifully by Luffy Cosplayer and Yuki X Alice!

Elsa, the Bowel Hunter!

@BlackoutZJ you'll probably love these!
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Hahaha @BlackoutZJ lol!! These are pretty awesome!! I def agree
a year ago·Reply
pretty badass
a year ago·Reply
*grabs towel to clean the drool*
a year ago·Reply
@nicocoup b/c they're trying to make us notice them. we are their senpai. and they constantly want their senpais to notice them.
a year ago·Reply
they succeed @KittyRobinson
a year ago·Reply