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This is a picture my friend from Korea sent me from the epilogue concert. She was really busy with school and just now got to send it to me. (They take school very seriously)
This is why it pays to have a friend in Korea she sent me pictures of this, the epilogue program book. It has tons of cool pictures and things... Who even knew there was such a thing. She told me she had lots of fun and I informed her that I was going to see them when they came to America. She told me to take pictures for her and said that I would have lots of fun too. Now I am so excited for Kcon I can hardly wait!
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@ashleyemmert exactly but this world will never change
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That's so cool. I hope I can go to Kcon this year a lot of my favorite groups will be there and I want me and my sister to go so badly but even without the price of a hotel, food and merch. it's still very expensive for us.
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@SerenaArthurs I know it is expensive but I'm going to Kcon in New York I worked very hard to get up the money for it and I'm gonna enjoy itπŸ’•
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@ashleyemmert I hope you have lots of fun!
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wow! I am going to kcon in ny and Korea this summer!
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