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Vali place (chieftain's fort) In State Ilam (Îlam) is situated on Pasdaran St. in the middle of city texture. This monument was built during the rule of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar and Gholamreza Vali Khan on an ancient hill called Choga Mirg in 1326 lunar hegria year. The fort with an extent of 2500 sq.meters is built on an area of 1500 sq. meters. The fort has a central yard with residential places on eastern, western, and northern sides, the building are made of stone, brick, and plaster. Remains of mirrors in plasterwork are evident in some rooms. Vali fort had many big and small rooms, halls and store rooms, with two underground rooms contrived on each side (six underground rooms in general). Geometrical ornaments on walls and ceiling are made of colored enameled bricks. The monument is registered on the list of national heritage of the country and operations being executed to transform it to an anthropological museum.