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There are two ends to the making of a website – web design and web development. There is an ambiguity regarding these terms in general populace. Web design is associated with how a website looks while web development refers to the working mechanism i.e. programming behind the website. Both are naturally incomplete without one another.
In this post, we are discussing top web development trendsto follow in 2016 as recommended by Lebanon web developers.
1. Motion UI will expand its reach
Motion UI, a Sass library, is one of the three parts of Foundations for Apps by Zurb.
It is used to create animations and CSS transition in a breeze. It seamlessly integrates prototypical animated elements into websites.
Motion UI has seen a lot of traction the past year and is going to see the same for the next few years.
2. Responsive design will evolve
Last year, Google pushed its ‘mobile-friendly’ update Mobilegeddon that made it compulsory to have either mobile responsive or mobile adaptive design to stay alive on Google SERP.
Most of the companies have chosen their guns for the battle by sticking to either of the designs already. This year, we are going to see responsive design evolve to accommodate new devices that are coming as technology progresses such as smart watches, VR devices such as Oculus Rift, Google Glass etc.
3. Navigation will shape shift into full screens
As mobiles are replacing desktops, the basic mechanism will also then have to change to suit the emerging medium. Right now, navigation on mobile is pretty much similar to the navigation on web. Mobile is very different than desktop in the sense it is highly portable and has begun to serve as an extension of your physical self.
This year, we’ll see navigation making better use of full screen layouts and quickly adapt to the app/web environment by switching back and forth in to different modes
4. Browser based IDEs will come to life
Up until now people had their own favorite development environment, some liked IntelliJ others liked VIM. As we move forward in this year, we’ll see more people starting with could-based versions of IDEs that are more accessible and in most cases have hug communities behind them.
5. Everything will be done in Real time
2016 will mark the onset of real-timing. Implementation of real time analytics in desktop and mobile apps has already started and will only expand its reach in 2016.
Another real time event is live streaming. In 2016, we’ll see live streaming become an integral part of social media marketing. There will be dedicated mobile apps to promote live streaming such as Periscope.
6. Introduction and beginning of the era of Bots
This year we will also see intelligent bots coming to life that will take care of basic communication with customers and a lot more; Facebook announced earlier this year to bring bots to Messenger.
These are the trends to follow in 2016 as recommended by Lebanon web developers.
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