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I know. I know. You must be getting tired of all these sappy, tearjerking, nostalgic posts I make for the anime series that I love. (I should probably change my collection to Sappy Anime just to warn everyone)... but hear me out. Why is Naruto special to me? Forget the dark story arcs, sub-plots etc... this anime is so close to my heart because as I watched them grow old, I myself grew with them (for some, maybe remembered what it's like growing up). I watched as 3 friends struggled, worked hard and achieved their dreams by sacrificing and losing things (and people) along the way. I rooted for them (except for you Sasuke, you dumb little shit). I've mentioned previously how I miss their good, old genin days just the same as how I miss my childhood. Sorry again for this emotional anime post. Maybe I should stop it with the feels trip. I'm going back to my cave now.✌
@SimplyAwkward sakura was annoying but i kind of related to her. i was annoying as a kid too.βœŒπŸ˜€
well gaara also and didnt like sakura, sasuke, kaburo (little shit) and pain
I only rooted for naruto and hinata