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I don't know if you guys can tell but Jin is my UB. I've been feeling kind of down lately and would love if you guys could tag me in any Jin cards. I will love you guys forever <3
This is me trying to be cute in hopes of you guys tagging me. And more pictures of Jin because why not? Haha
@EverieMisfit Then I can't wait to see you at the next concert!!
Aww your so cute...I know I added you to my tag list but if you want I can make just a card for you if you want.
@EverieMisfit yes I love his hands they are perfect and his legs can I just say those thighs girl ....sorry perverted thought went through my mind.. ..I'm OK I'm OK whew. I got this. Wanna know something funny I saw them live last year in Dallas and in korean his voice is extremely deep and sexy😍 but when he talks in English it's shy and high pitched it was so cute.
@EverieMisfit hey I feel you trust me I'm a huge LayXing Fan from EXO girl I could talk about him from hours. Jin is like him in BTS. Have you ever noticed how long Jins fingers are? or how long his lashes are? girl I could gush about.Jin till the sun sets haha
@EverieMisfit omg were on the same wave for me it's his laugh he has the funniest laugh. His arm dance yes the arm dance I can't get enough. and his famous back bend omg can we say Exorcist please. He's so adorkable there's nothing you can't love about him. From his Smile to his voice and those shoulders lord help me and he's so freaking Tall I'm only 5'5 so yea he's like huge compares to me
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