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Our Last Moment Together: @LenaBlackRose @thePinkPrincess @AimeeH @DamarisCisneros @reya14 @KellyOConnor @ParkHwaYoung @VeronicaArtino @punkpandabear @sherrysahar @JennaMorgan @ChavaBerry @Minnieluvs @wydyoongii @MaricelvaRomero @DaisyPhun Stupid: @OliviaZenger @TesneemElAlami @DeniseiaGardner @VeronicaArtino @heidichiesa @KellyOConnor @TracyLynnn @SarahVanDorn @ilennrocks @RTC123 @DawanaMason @tinathellama @ShellyVargas @HayleyEastman @mamarah11 @Kpop1369 @ILikeHisFace123 @CamrynCherry @Amairani97 I'm sad to say that I will not update the stories as I've been having a writer's block on these two stories. I'm thinking on editing them as I'm not satisfied with the chapters I've posted. Yes, I know, I'm such a perfectionist, but I can't bear to read the chapters without cringing in dissatisfaction. I'm not going to delete the chapters but I will edit them once I'm satisfied and will continue on from then. Not sure when I'll continue, but don't hope for a new chapter too soon. I'm easily unmotivated which is why I haven't updated much. I hope you understand and wait for the update. I'll try not to take centuries lol, okay? Thank you for acknowledging my stories ^_^ it means a lot to me!
if you change it then it's okay just keep going do stop and read just write whatever pop in your head after that re-read it if you want to add me more use it for the other part
that was happening to me with my Jackson fanfic and more but what help me is I re-read mine and I got idea again
@twistedPuppy Alright thanks ^_^
@twistedPuppy I do it all the time and once I get ideas, I apply it, then I re-read and then I make changes and then once again I have a writer's block. It's a cycle that never stops for me. I get unmotivated so quickly it's not even funny.