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Our Last Moment Together: @LenaBlackRose @thePinkPrincess @AimeeH @DamarisCisneros @reya14 @KellyOConnor @ParkHwaYoung @VeronicaArtino @punkpandabear @sherrysahar @JennaMorgan @ChavaBerry @Minnieluvs @wydyoongii @MaricelvaRomero @DaisyPhun Stupid: @OliviaZenger @TesneemElAlami @DeniseiaGardner @VeronicaArtino @heidichiesa @KellyOConnor @TracyLynnn @SarahVanDorn @ilennrocks @RTC123 @DawanaMason @tinathellama @ShellyVargas @HayleyEastman @mamarah11 @Kpop1369 @ILikeHisFace123 @CamrynCherry @Amairani97 I'm sad to say that I will not update the stories as I've been having a writer's block on these two stories. I'm thinking on editing them as I'm not satisfied with the chapters I've posted. Yes, I know, I'm such a perfectionist, but I can't bear to read the chapters without cringing in dissatisfaction. I'm not going to delete the chapters but I will edit them once I'm satisfied and will continue on from then. Not sure when I'll continue, but don't hope for a new chapter too soon. I'm easily unmotivated which is why I haven't updated much. I hope you understand and wait for the update. I'll try not to take centuries lol, okay? Thank you for acknowledging my stories ^_^ it means a lot to me!
that was happening to me with my Jackson fanfic and more but what help me is I re-read mine and I got idea again
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@twistedPuppy I do it all the time and once I get ideas, I apply it, then I re-read and then I make changes and then once again I have a writer's block. It's a cycle that never stops for me. I get unmotivated so quickly it's not even funny.
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if you change it then it's okay just keep going do stop and read just write whatever pop in your head after that re-read it if you want to add me more use it for the other part
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