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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and scenes of intimacy A/N: I know the chapters have been uploaded very quickly recently but 1. I have a lot of spare time and 2. I have already pre-written most of the parts. Teaser- At the moment, I'm just starting to write chapter 13!!! Anyway, enjoy...
Yoongi dropped by your side. His expression actually looked caring for once. You gripped the wound as the car sped off into the distance. You felt tears falling but you tried to remain brave, "I don't even need to guess as to who that was" "Would you shut up about that for a minute Y/N, just try to stop the freaking bleeding?!" It was weird. Even when he was trying to be caring, he sounded angry. He placed his hand on top of the one you had over the wound. It sent a weird feeling down your whole arm that dispersed into your body. You shuddered. "Don't, Y/N it'll be fine. There's a first aid kit back at the flat!" He instructed. You assumed you were going to just limp back but you didn't have a choice. Yoongi swept you up into his arms bridal style and carried you all the way back. He set you down on a sofa and practically ran into the kitchen. Why was he so jittery all of a sudden?
Yoongi's perspective~ Oh god, oh god. This wasn't the right time to show that he'd protect her yet he was frantically scavenging for the first aid kit. He cared about her, he really did. Maybe this would be how he finally proved it to her. Up until now she never seemed to see past his hard exterior, there was a softer side to him but she hadn't fully seen it yet. He finally found it and rushed back to Y/N. Come on... Her hand was now covered in blood and it shocked him. You must have been in so much pain at the extensive blood loss. Her striped the box for a bandage and rapidly wrapped it around your arm so that no more blood would escape your arm. Once he had finished, he noticed you had your eyes closed. No, she's not... He touched the side of your neck. Thank god there's a pulse. He placed a light kiss on your forehead as he moved you into a more comfortable position and put a blanket over the top of you. "Sleep well sweetie!" He whispered to himself before going to his bed.
Your perspective~ You woke up with an aching feeling still in you arm. Jungkook had just walked into where you were laid. "Yoongi explained what happened. Your arm alright?" You nodded and yawned. 'He must've taken care of me' you thought. You got up from your place and got ready for the day ahead. You met Yoongi just as you came out of your room with a shot gun on your hand. He eyed the gun. You were only going to put it in your bag for god's sake. "Good to see you back to normal-ish sweetie!" You smiled a bit, "yeah ur.. Thanks for you know protecting me" He smiled in return, "it's my job after all" it sounded a tiny bit sarcastic but you chose to ignore that. Your shoulder lightly hit his as you walked past him. Today, you were planning on heading over to where one of Woozi's main workers was based. It was about a 5 minute walk from the actual base and so you had to be careful. That was so, until you got a message from your dad's PA that he was in a local club. Apparently, he had been in the club since 2am. It was 7am at the moment. 5 hours drinking??
You decided to head back to Yoongi to discuss your next move. "Look Gigi, Boss says that Xiumin is at a local club and we need to get info from him" "And how do you plan to do that then?" What? Did he expect you to come up with everything? "I dunno, I thought you could help on that" He paused to think, "fine, Amber will go in there with myself and Jungkook. She can take him in the back or something so that she is the distraction to get info, if things get too intense we'll interupt. Once it's over, we'll kill him. There's no point him being alive afterwards." It sounded like a good plan except one thing, Amber wasn't like that. She wouldn't easily be able to convince a boy to go into another room with her. "Fine... But I'm taking Amber's place" He took a single step back. Did he not think that you could do it? You were more capable than Amber and besides you had already lost your virginity, so did it really matter? He slightly nodded, really he wouldn't be able to protest against you.
You dressed up in a slinky black dress and 3 inch heels. You walked in the club with a see through ear piece on, so no one else saw it. The other boys were also wearing similar ones. Immediately, you noticed Xiumin sat at the bar and you sneakily approached him. You sat down next to him and order a drink from the bar. The man next to you looked up, "want me to pay love?" "Couldn't have that, I barely know you" "Don't worry, I'll pay and then we can get to know each other" Boy, he works fast. It made your job so much easier. After him consuming 2 more drinks and you only drinking one weak drink, he was leading you into a private room. As you were walking, you passed Yoongi. You gave him a quick wink. The plan was going fine.
It took a lot of resistance but eventually you had Xiumin at the stage where he would open up to you. "So what is it that you do as a living?" "I work for this low life, Woozi. He's head of some big business" "What do you do though?" He looked over at you questioningly, you almost threw up from your quick witted reassurance, "love I won't fuck you unless I know, I don't want to make love to some homeless shit" He smirked, "I work in his computing unit. I make viruses etc" he moved closer to you and placed his hand on your thigh. "It's pretty fun. We are messing with this other business at the moment. Sent a 300XY virus..." While he spoke, his hand moved underneath your dress and gripped tightly just above the hem of your underwear. "Sounds complex" you responded. "Yeah, it is. Learnt from Namjoon. Pretty simple once you know how though" What was it you needed to know... - what the virus was - how it worked - how to stop it He was almost dead by now. "How do you set it up?" "There's a guide on Namjoon's desk in his private study like 5 minutes from here, it tells you everything about the virus" You moved from his grip and stood up.
He looked over at you with big eyes and watched you pull out the gun. "You're going to shoot me aren't you?" You nodded. "Good, at least I escape Woozi's mind numbing games so thanks" You forced a smile and pulled the trigger. His body went limp and Yoongi stormed in. "What did you-" "I got everything we needed. No point waiting for you!" And with that, you exited the club, Jungkook following in suit. The mission for today was achieved, the next aim was to find this Namjoon's whereabouts and seek out this guide. It has everything you needed to stop the virus. Once this was done, all you had to do was take out Woozi's gang.
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