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100 Days of Anime, 20: Anime Character that Gets on My Nerves

Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame Ga Kill!

This was honestly a pretty easy choice for me! Seryu was a member of the Imperial Police and was later recruited to join the Jaegers, commanded by Esdeath. At first, she actually seemed pretty nice, but when she faced Mine and Sheele, her true nature was revealed. She is obsessed with justice (she wants to be Light Yagami so bad!), but her sense of justice is twisted, lining up with the corrupt values of the capitol. They tried to make me feel bad for her because she lost her father and then her superior, but I have no empathy for this b*tch. I'll never forgive her for Sheele!

Honorable Mentions

Though there are clearly some characters out there who get on my nerves, I prefer to rave about what I love about anime, but here goes!

Misa Amane - Death Note

Anyone who wasn't annoyed by Misa Misa is lying to themselves. Misa was an actress/model who, like Light, came into possession of a Death Note. When Light embarked on his quest to rid the world of evil and become it's new god, Misa immediately fell in love and became obsessed with his Kira persona. She was basically an annoying fangirl who didn't care that Light was just using her because she was convinced that he would grow to feel the same toward her.

Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

I ranted a bit about Sasuke in my lecture on Itachi's death (seriously, didn't realize I'd rambled on so long in that card!). I should probably insert a disclaimer that I'm at episode 264 of Shippuden (so the war literally just started); I know he'll get better at some point, and I can't wait until that happens, but at this point, I'm ripping my hair out over him. Thinking back, he's actually increasingly been getting on my nerves ever since he ran off to join Orochimaru, but I lost it at his reaction to learning the truth about Itachi! At least before that, I could semi understand his reasoning, that he was making sacrifices for his vengeful ambition, but after learning that Itachi had sacrificed everything that he was for the sake of Konoha, he decided to seek vengeance for his brother by vowing to destroy Konoha, because that makes sense! He occasionally does something I like, like killing Danzou (they were neck and neck in my considerations for this card; I f***ing hate Danzou), but it's like one step forward and two steps back with this boy! Could he make any worse life choices?

Nora - Noragami

I may just be getting all defensive about her harassment of my boy Yukine, but I do not like Nora. She's so creepy and meddlesome. She's like Yato's jealous ex. I'm so proud of Yato for finally officially cutting her loose! I don't know what her and this father character's end goal is, but it's not okay! I feel like I should have more to say about her, but she's still a bit of a mystery...
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I hate her with a passion
Lol, when you've only seen 264 episodes of an anime and already ranting XD.
@SimplyAwkward OMG YOU MUST! Seriously, it's one of my absolute favorites!
I agree with all of your choices
i totally agree with your choices!!!
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