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about to finish 2 season shame wish thir was a 3 season to watch enybody know of some good animes like this one ??
Please please please... read the manga. I mean I know you've heard it before 'The book was better.' But seriously, read it. It's complete and honestly the anime is a joke compared to it. The anime was nothing but fan service after the 1st season but the manga had an over-arching plot and the male MC was actually useful. He did things more than just react and he even had cooler abilities due to his becoming a ghoul. There is still a lot of fan service and comedy, but it's a cherry on top of what is a really good story. If you liked the anime you will LOVE the manga, you'll also wonder why they cut so much of the storyline from the anime.
o yea iv jeard about that one bet ima start watching it tonite lol
Yeah. Heaven's Lost Property.
@literateprimate yea iv heard the same from other peaple but dam the way u explained it ima definitely need to to read it lol