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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Who knows?
Length: 2255 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 17/?
It had been a week since I last spoke to or saw Namjoon. He must have been avoiding me because I saw his group of friends- and even Hwasa- everywhere. The last conversation between us had been repeating in my mind all week, the image of me walking away engraved in my memories.
The thought that me and Namjoon were actually over was excruciating- like someone was stabbing my back with a knife and repeatedly twisting the blade. But, as they say, life goes on. There was very little I could do, just function and get on with each day, expressionless and numb.
It was Saturday, midday and I was sat in bed with my blinds closed, feeling like I had no purpose. I had a ton of grades to put into the system manually, so the students could electronically check their mock grades.
I sighed, not wanting to move from the mountain of blankets surrounding me. That is, until I heard a knock on the door. My blood ran cold. I had told Namjoon to refrain from contacting me, so what was he playing at?
I was trying to get my life back together. He wasn’t supposed to do this. I bolted out of bed to brush my teeth and wash my face- I looked like utter crap. I was in an oversized T-Shirt and shorts, but it’d have to do.
“Who is it?” I called. Silence. “I’m not opening the door Namjoon”, I called, in an attempt to get a response. And it worked, as unexpected as it was.
“It’s me y/n.” My eyes widened at the voice. “Y-yoongi?” How the hell did he know where I lived?
I was hesitant, but ended up answering the door, despite my conscious screaming at me not to. “How....What..?” I couldn’t even form a proper sentence. He looked as perfect as always, and I felt as if he was scrutinising me and my attire. Well, he was the one who had shown up uninvited.
“Can I come in?” He asked, a small smile on his face. I nodded and stepped aside to let him in. He inhaled deeply, but didn’t say anything. The smell of Namjoon’s cigarettes still lingered in the rooms, despite my best attempts to get rid of it. And Yoongi clearly recognised it, seeing as he did live with Namjoon.
As soon as the door was shut behind me, he turned to look at me. “Yoongi, how did you know I lived here?”
“The night after Namjoon met you, Jungkook asked where he had been, and he told us everything, including your address...and I happen to have a good memory.”
“Ok”, I said slowly, mortified by the fact that Namjoon had talked about that night at all. “Second question- why are you here?” I didn’t ask in a rude way. If anything, I was curious, despite the fact that this wasn’t allowed. But what the hell, I had already broken the rules once.
“”, He rubbed the back of his neck, sheepishly. “You haven’t been your usual self. Even your teaching seems a bit off. And you never smile anymore. I wanted to check if you were ok.”
I gave him a warm smile. He was a sweet guy. “Thank you Yoongi, I’m absolutely fine. You do know you shouldn’t be h-”
“He’s not.”
“Namjoon. He’s not fine. He’s turned the flat upside down. Not been talking to any of us for a week.” I stiffened. Is that why he had come here? To make me feel guilty?
“That’s his own doing”, I replied without emotion. To my surprise Yoongi nodded in agreement. “Yes it is.”
“And that”, he said, pointing at me, “Is your doing.” I looked down at myself then back up at him. “What do you mean?”
“Ah c’mon y/n. Don’t play dumb. I don’t need to be a genius to see you’re not taking care of yourself. You look like you haven’t slept or eaten properly in days.” He sounded disappointed as he eyed me warily.
I just sighed in defeat, my shoulders slumping. “That obvious?” He nodded grimly. “And you haven’t been answering my texts.” My expression turned apologetic. I had been avoiding all notifications just in case they were Namjoon.
“All week. I know I saw you at uni but I stayed clear cus it could get you in trouble, being seen with me again... I was worried.”
I felt this warmth within me, that he cared so much. But I was also wary- when I first met Namjoon, I hadn’t been aware that he would be a student. With Yoongi, I knew he was.
“There’s no reason to be worried. If I wasn’t such an idiot, then all of this could have been avoided.”
“What?” Yoongi’s worry turned into disbelief.
“I shouldn’t have let him in Yoongi. I was an idio-”. I stopped talking because his sudden movement startled me- he had stepped closer, closing the gap between us.
“No. No, y/n stop. He cheated. You’re not at fault. After can’t help who you fall in love with, right?” The way his voice dropped an octave, made me look up and meet his eyes.
“R-right”, I agreed, nodding. Yoongi was hesitant, but moved forward a little more. “This is so wrong of me”, he whispered, brushing his hands up my arm. “Selfish even.”
I knew it was wrong too. Yet, I stood there, doing nothing to stop him. Not wanting to stop him. He stopped his hands on my shoulders, pulling me in, his lips delicately meeting mine.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. So wrong, yet so right. His hand trailed down the expanse of my back, before settling on my hip. My tense shoulders loosened as I relaxed a little more.
But then I realised what I was doing and broke away from the kiss, guiltily.
“What’s wrong?”, he rasped. His eyes were worried, but definitely darker as he eyed me, gauging my reaction. I was exhilarated from that kiss, but was still in my senses. “You- we- can’t”, was all I could say, shaking my head.
“-I already made this mistake with a student. I should learn from that to never do it again.”
“You made that mistake with someone who doesn't give a shit about others”, Yoongi correct. The silence that ensued was uncomfortable. I was the one who was supposed to be in the position of power, I was the teacher. Yet I felt so vulnerable.
“Y/n, listen to me. I’m not him. He doesn’t give a shit about you or your feelings.” Yoongi spoke gently, but I winced at his words. “He’s been with a different girl every night. And he won’t bother answering when Hwasa is practically breaking the door down at ungodly hours.”
I stared at him, processing this information. He continued, “Jimin tried to ask him what the hell his deal was but Namjoon just screamed in his face about hoe stressed he was.” I rolled my eyes at this.
“This isn’t illegal y/n”, he was speaking softly. “We’re both the same age.” I shook my head, a lone tear making its way down my cheek. “It’s the universities policy Yoongi.
If anyone found out, there would be severe consequences. And not just for me.” The university took it’s reputation very seriously and if anyone tried to tarnish it, they would be out, no warning.
“You managed to keep Namjoon a secret, even when all of the guys knew”, he retorted. I shook my head. “No. Jin found out...he walked in on a conversation.” Yoongi looked slightly surprised. Jin had been amazing at not letting on.
I wiped at my cheeks with the back of my hands. “Don’t cry”, he said, his voice barely audible. We both jumped at the shrill ringing of Yoongi’s phone.
He looked frustrated at the caller ID. “Hello?”
“Namjoon, hi.” I froze. “I’m just out. Yeah haha, woke up early for once.” My eyes narrowed. It was past Midday, what time did he usually wake up?
“Namjoon, what the hell dude, I just went for a walk. Chill”, he lied. The next few seconds were agonising for me as Yoongi paled even more so, slowly taking the phone away from his ear.
I stepped up to him, grabbing his arm. “What? Yoongi, what is it?” He was scaring me.
“He started throwing all these allegations and calling me a I told him to chill...”, Yoongi trailed off.
“He replied, ‘So why can I see you at y/n’s place?’ and hung up.” I cursed at ran to the window and sure enough there was Namjoon. Sunglasses on, leaning on my car,
cigarette between his lips. I just stared at him, mouth hung open.
He gave me the tiniest of smirks and a little wave, but I didn’t need the shades off to know he was furious. At me or at Yoongi...I couldn’t tell. Probably both. I drew the curtains, blocking him out, and turned to look at Yoongi.
He was running his hand through his hair. “He’s gonna freak”, he was muttering. He looked so nervous,I instinctively grabbed his hands. “It’s OK. You have nothing to hide. You came here to check on me.”
He nodded, understanding that that was what he was going to tell Namjoon. Sure enough, it wasn’t even two minutes after, we heard Namjoon yell, “Let me in!”
I swallowed and walked towards the door, feet dragging. He wasn’t stupid. He could do anything he wanted with this information....even blackmail me. God forbid he had taken pictures, or else I would quit the damn job myself.
My breath hitch when I came face to face with him. It had only been a week, yet being near him like this still got that same reaction out of me. But he was a disloyal bastard, and I kept reminding myself of this.
“You followed me here?” Yoongi was the first to speak as Namjoon nonchalantly breezed in, taking off the glasses. I immediately noted the bags under his eyes, and knew he hadn’t been sleeping.
“The fuck are you doing here?”, he growled, ignoring Yoongi’s question completely. “And no bullshit.”
“You haven’t been in class Namjoon, so you don’t know. But y/n hasn’t been herself lately, so I wanted to come round and ask her if everything was ok.”
“I said no bullshit.” He repeated, a fire igniting in his eyes, as he blew out smoke slowly. I internally cursed. The smell was already proving hard to get rid of and he was smoking in here again.
“It’s not bullshit”, I interjected. He looked blank, but his voice sounded annoyed. “I don’t recall asking you.”
The anger bubbled inside of me at his insulting manner. “This is my godamn house that you just showed up to. So I can speak to whoever and whenever I fucking want Kim Namjoon. Yoongi just told you the truth, so if that’s all you came to find out, I suggest you leave.”
Namjoon dropped the cigarette and stepped on it, crushing the ashes deeper into the carpet. I gritted my teeth at the action, but said nothing, hoping he would leave.
“You whore.”
It was quiet, but I felt like he had just screamed those words in my face.
“Step off Namjoon”, Yoongi snapped, coming to my defence. All I could do was stare at Namjoon, lips parted in disbelief. All his words which had been haunting me for the past week were now screaming in my head. “I am yours.”
“Y/n was with you and only you. You’re the one who fucks every girl he lays eyes on.”
“Why the fuck are you defending her?”, Namjoon asked him eyes narrowed. Suddenly Yoongi stepped in front of me, partially blocking me from Namjoon. “Because, you’re in the wrong, moron!”
“No, stop. Stop it!” I didn’t want them to fight. Namjoon looked at me coldly. “What would you have done if I hadn’t called Yoongi? Would you have fucked him? Started seeing another student?”, He sneered.
“Seeing someone else? Of course not. Because ‘you are mine and I am yours’, remember?” I spat. His silence spoke volumes.
“Get out Namjoon. What did I tell you about contacting me?”
“What about him?”
“This isn’t about him. I’m talking to you. And he wouldn't be here if you didn’t go discussing my address with other people.”
Namjoon shook his head at Yoongi. “You son of a bitch.” Yoongi wisely stayed quiet, although he stiffened at the insult. But I’d had enough.
“I said get out.”
He scoffed. “I heard. And I’ll leave you to have fun with your new fuck buddy.” My fists clenched and he smirked, knowing he had hit a nerve. “But don’t be surprised when the Dean pays you a visit on Monday.”
“Is that a threat?”, I demanded, walking out from behind Yoongi.
“No babe. It’s a promise. And you”, he said with utter contempt, pointing at Yoongi. “Don’t bother showing your face at home if you know what’s best for you.”
I was confused. Namjoon wasn’t acting normal for someone who was apparently heart-broken.
And with that he was gone, door slamming shut behind him. I stood there, staring at the door, taking deep breaths, jumping slightly when Yoongi touched my shoulder. “Are you alright?”
I turned to face him, still in shock as to what had just happened. All I could do as I stared helplessly at him was choke out the word “No.”
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i kind of want her with Yoongi! Jin was a c*nt nugget when he hurt her!!!! and threatened her!!! namjoon is a cheating obsessive dick!!!! and yoongi is veing sweet and caring and aghhh my heart ;-; i need more💘
I was like...hey, Yoongi... 😄 ...and then I was like...Namjoon 😩 And now I'm just frustrated...gah!!!! Please help her too Jin! 😢
Namjoon! What the hell?! You fucktruck! Getting cigarette ashes in her carpet you wet sandwich!!
THIS FUCKING CUNTBAG IS PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡 (not really though namjoonie is my baby😍😍)
Holy motherfucker! I swear Namjoon, if I could, I would've stepped the cigarette on your face! Causing my heart so much pain!!
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