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Omg I think I've got a couple of you confused by my posts. I updated two on the same day and the second one I noticed looked as if it was not seen. So while I'm updating I thought I'd mention HEY Part 11 is up as well! lol Click me <- <- <- Okay so were going to redirect this part to see whats going on with Trinity as Arianna is busy talking to Namjoon.
As Arianna and Namjoon spoke what was Trinity up too . . . As Arianna started talking to Namjoon Trinity sat there staring at the screen in front of her. Trinity was debating on listening to music and pulling out her bear to cuddle with and have a nap. Ari had brought her panda, is wasn’t weird that she brought her bear with her. “Boo” Suga said surprising her into looking up. Suga had let his arms hang over the chair and his head rest on top of the headrest. “Boo back” Trinity said with a straight face. “What are you doing?” he asked her. “I was going to listen to music” she told him leaving out about taking a nap and pulling the bear out. that was too embarrassing. “What kind of music you listen to?” he asked. “I’m in kpop mode over the last year or so. I blame this one for dragging me down way back when” Trinity pointed to Ari, than grinned. “But I got her back, I dragged her back down the black hole a couple months ago.” she laughed. Suga stared at her forming an O with his mouth. Trinity thought it looked adorable and chuckled hiding the comment in her head. “Who is your favorite group?” he asked. Should she say it, no she wasn’t sure how he would take it. “Well my top three are Got7, Bts, and Exo” she told him not wanting to let him know they were in fact her favorite group. A slow grin formed on his face. “Oh, were in the top three” he questioned. “Of course, I love Young forever, Fire and Save me from you guys” she told him “So does that mean we're your number 1?” he asked. Trinity looked away. “Maybe” she said discreetly. “I think we are” he said once again. “Well unlike your group I’ve see Got7 and Exo in concert” Trinity pointed out. “We could fix that you know” he said. “We are on our way to a concert in seoul” he added. “What steal someone’s tickets, or slide in under the radar hoping security is lax, or better yet I stand outside the venue with a light stick waving as I strain to hear you play?” she threw out scenario’s on how that would work exactly. It got him to laugh. “No, you could come backstage and watch, unless we got some spare tickets” he told her with a slight chuckle. “Oh, well that does sound like an easier solution” she said than laughed, which got Ari’s eye, although she went right back to looking down the aisle with a shrug. “But you would be preventing me from stealing tickets from people” she told him making him making that O face once again. “Stealing bad” he tsked at her. “Okay fine” she pouted. “ So wait, does this mean you’re inviting me to the concert like for realzies?” she questioned perking up. “Yea, yea I am” he grinned at her. Trinity could help it but reach out and ruffle his hair. It was on an impulse that she did it and as she touched she realized he had really soft hair. “Your awesome” Trinity grinned than turned to poke at Ari. “Ari! Ari!” she got Ari’s attention. “I got invited to their concert” Trinity told her, gloating. “And you didn’t! Muhaha” she laughed the evil laugh which broke out into an actual laugh. Ari sat there staring, not laughing. “Food is coming!” Ari said sweetly. “It’s almost here” she added. “I already invited her to the concert” Rap monster said from his seat. “What?” Trinity exclaimed. “Damn I thought I won! They aren’t even your favorite group!” Trinity said but Ari just shrugged. “Namjoon already asked, I like Vin Diesel, like I told you already and my top is B.A.P, but Bts, exo, and Got7 are all up there too” she said. “Oh and Royal pirates. Okay fine I don’t have a favorite just a top 5 list going” Ari said. “Damn you. “ she snickered Just as a lady stopped next to them. So food here?” Trinity asked.
It's all about that Suga! lol how did everyone like Trinity and Suga's conversation? Plus she gets to touch his hair! eek lol. Can you believe I'm already at 38 pages of this story. Wonder how long it'll go until lol. Anyway bye bye and until next time!!
Omg Omg jenni!!!!!! thank you for this....I kept rereading the suga and trinity stuff....like I would die if that really happened....ahh suga why you have to kill me lol
cute! 😄