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Virtual Reality?!- SAO & .//hack Could Get Real?
Samsung just launched their vurtual reality gear. Above You can use all the latest galaxy phonez to connect with it: Samsung Note 5, S7, S6,S6 edge, S7 edge, etc. I just downloaded some of the apps , now i just have to buy the gear!! Really hope no one gets stuck and have to battle to get out!! XD
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I read that with a little work from a Dremel you can modify the new VR to take the Note 4 without damaging it. but I wouldn't want to risk it. I don't feel that it's necessary to upgrade my phone the S6 and s7 and the Note 5, none of them really bought anything new to the game. I absolutely refuse to give up my expandable SD card granted I know that the S7 have expandable memory but I just love my Note 4
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