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Hi there adorbs! Reporter Taemi here! More awesome rookies coming up! Hip-hop Korean rookie group AFOS have released two new music videos 'Turn it Up' & 'How're You Doing' ! I like them already! They are very unique from other kpop groups. Their style, the way they sing, rap, & dance is amazing! I can feel a different vibe from AFOS, I will be looking forward to this group and I hope they will grow more popular!

'Turn it Up'

This song will have you turnt up! It's really lit and will have you dancing like crazy! It's a cool song, the music video is hot too! These boys sure know how to get you pumped up. If you love hip-hop , this is the song for you!

'How're You Doing'

I know what you're thinking, you went from being all turnt up and acting like a crazy person from "Turn it Up" into emo mode! This song is really beautiful and heart-warming! It will probably have you in your feelings. AFOS have nice vocals too! In the music video you see them more calm, chilled, & serious. They want to know how you doing and that they miss you! *cries. I'm seriously starting to like them a lot!

Here is a little about AFOS:

■ Debut: (Y.M.D) 16.05.20 ■ Label: The Rebel ■ Discography: Young Boyz


Zett (Park Seung Gyu)

▪ Birthday: (Y.M.D): 93.03.25 ▪ Position: Rap

Aknow (Do Sang Seung)

▪ Position: Rap ▪ Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.06.27

Hu (Min Jung Hu)

▪ Position: Producer, Rap, Vocal ▪ Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.07.10 ▪ Formerly Of: NOM (No Other Man)

Jooen (Choi Jun Young)

▪ Position: Rap, Maknae ▪ Birthday (Y.M.D): 96.11.27 ▪ Formerly of: In4mal

*Former Members*

BK (Baek Seung Heon)

▪ Position: Vocal ▪ Birthday (Y.M.D): 91.04.03 ▪ Height: 183cm (6ft) ▪ Sub-Unit: Solo ▪ Formerly of : In4mal

Beagle (Jang Tae Gyu)

▪ Position: Vocal ▪ Birthday (Y.M.D): 91.10.16

See? These boys are hot! There is just 4 members now, I wish the the other two could of stayed. It's very upsetting but let's hope that they will find their happiness and keep supporting them along with the current members! How do you guys feel about AFOS? Do you stan them?

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Reporter @parktaemi

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Did they say why the other 2 members left? Is Jooen a Fall Out Boy fan, or was the design just a random selection?