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Sing it Mondays: Vocal Unit

Yeah so I could give you all a lengthy explanation as to why I didn't upload this yesterday but I won't bc here I am making the card for you. :D So today's Sing it Monday will be us fangirling at their singing and silliness on SNS. yay!! Let's go. *Sadly this card will be short*
The boys on the ASC.
Some lip action on Weekly Idol. ughhh let me be that red paper please..thank you.
The cuties on the V App.
@Sammie99522 we will figure it out in July lol @VatcheeAfandi99 right, it was fangirl worthy jaja
Omg the Weekly idol one was SO AMAZING 😂😂😂😂
@IsoldaPazo 💗💗
@IsoldaPazo 😂😂 what are we going to do with you.
@Sammie99522 lol...well they are just so cute and the 3 that I like..well yeah. jaja smh
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