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MY DARK WALK THROUGH MARRIAGE so I've only been married to my wife for 10 months and we only dated for 5 before tying the knot, well needless to say I was ill prepared for the emotional dragon I was about to try and tame. the first few months were honeymoon bliss as you'd expect, with both of us rushing home to enjoy each other's company and loving arms, but then came the unholy storms that all marriages face. we started arguing more and more, then trust fell out once she found out I was talking to an ex girlfriend of mine. so after the trust collapsed in our relationship, then came the dishonest lies and half truisms we told each other, because we both believed, and partially still do, that there are certain mandates in a marriage that must be said, such as I love you and I'm yours faithfully, even if they weren't fully truth. well after this went on for several long, cold, distant months, we finally reached the fork in the proverbial road, do we divorce or do we counsel? we both chose to counsel, but it's still not a perfect marriage, because as my dark walk through the first year has taught me, there are no perfect marriages. so as our one year anniversary is fast approaching, I struggle, as most men do, with my role in our marriage, since she is the current head bread winner in our home, but I'm learning to walk this journey with patience...because love is a process and not a item on a shelf. @patmanmeow @jordanhamilton @buddyesd @danidee @shannonl5 @shanu2905 @sophiamor
The fact that you've both chosen to turn to counselling is a good sign. You're both willing to try to make it work and that's more than most couples would have. I wish you both luck and happiness!
thank you it's not perfect, but I'm not Walt Disney
well.. where there is a will there is a way..... as you guys decided to get counselling..just be positive. Once i have read somewhere that marriage is an empty box. Both needs to fill it regularly with love, trust, patience, care. Never take out anything from that box. Even if you go through bad times, you will not find it empty. And that will help you to realize your love for each other. This is completely as per my understanding. I am not married yet so possibly i may not know or understand your situation. My best wishes. I hope things get good for you both. 馃槂
I need more than luck I've found
good luck bro
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