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hey guys... I'm dreadfully sick so I fell behind and also failed at taking some photos... lucky for you the only other animal face mask I used and didn't get a picture of was the raccoon mask.... Honestly... reading the ingredients I was like... hell to the no... but I bought it and I was promised results lol...
you know what... I got them... my face was still recovering from my fingers... because of my bad habit I'm trying to curb but my fave felt and looked pretty decent after using this... I would say the healing process on some spots was cut in half... The placenta protein is for softening and Adenosine probably shouldn't be used by everyone as its a vasodilator... my theory is that I guess it's supposed to bring the blood vessels closer to your face to promote healing... but maybe I'm wrong... anyways... of you can get past the placenta part it gets an A+.
Next I tried out the milky piggy carbonated mask.... I have to say... this product is an A++ product... I love how my face looks and feels after using it... Sometimes the bubbles get too intense and I have to pat them down... however smaller bubbles will come back so if your looking for entertainment it's almost endless.... almost lol.... make sure you put plenty on... too thin of a layer ay not get you any bubbles at all. this mask pulls the dirt out of your face without opening your pores to the size of craters... I definitely recommend...
I may be extremely sick but I can see the difference in my skin through my makeup... its a little brighter and much less flaky and dry then it used to be.
last thing, I suggest if you want the drying effect to happen for the carbonated mask you have to wipe the bubbles away and let it sit on your face in a thin layer. it will dry completely and give the effect of a clay mask too
@MaighdlinS Great! Thanks for the info! I can't wait to try the mask! I actually already own a clay mask from Innisfree but it dries out really fast, so I have to use a toner to moist it before use.
I need to buy some then
@cindystran also, the masks seem to be consistent on size, but the cotton pad trick has been working well.
I use Neutrogena, the foundation with salicylic acid in it since I'm prone to breakouts. it offers medium coverage but with the help of elfs HD finishing powder and mist and set spray it covers pretty well. I also use elfs under eye highlighter and concealer.
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