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Your Daily MV Hook Up!!

안녕하세요!! KPopBeat here with your daily MV! After doing such a large group yesterday I decided to go with another lesser known group today.
This my friends... Is Halo (Hexagon of Absolute Light and Organization)! This group debuted in June of 2014 and has since put out a few really good songs.
I remember when this group came out and still follow them to this day..... First I will show you my favorite song from the group.
It was hard for me to choose between a couple of their songs... but this one is my favorite.
(Information in order of photos)
Birth Name: Jo Sungho
Name: Dino
Position: Vocal
Birthday: December 25, 1991
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176cm/5ft 9in
Blood Type: O
Birth Name: Lee In Haeng
Name: Inhaeng
Position: Rap
Birthday: April 21, 1992
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186cm/6ft 1in
Blood Type: O
Birth Name: Jung Young Hoon
Name: Ooon
Position: Vocal, Leader
Birthday: January 15, 1993
Nationality: Korean
Height: 180cm/5ft 10in
Blood Type: B
Birth Name: Kim Jae Yong
Name: Jaeyong
Position: Vocal
Birthday: Feburary 13, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height: 185cm/6ft
Blood Type: O
Birth Name: Kim Hee Cheon
Name: Hee Cheon
Position: Vocal
Birthday: September 02, 1994
Nationality: Korean
Height: 186cm/6ft 1in
Blood Type: B
Birth Name: Kim Yoon Dong
Name: Yoon Dong
Position: Rap, Maknae
Birthday: Feburary 20, 1995
Nationality: Korean
Height: 176cm/5ft 9in
Blood Type: A
Well? What do you think? As always let me know what you guys think about the groups I am posting and which of the MVs posted is your favorite!
Until Next time Loverlys!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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