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In light of the recent event, in an effort to keep Starlight's up to date on Vixx's condition Jellyfish has released yet another statement! The statement reads as such:
Hello, it’s Jellyfish Entertainment.
First of all we deeply apologize for troubling fans due to the incidents at VIXX’s Mexico concert and are here to explain.
Just as the notice from this afternoon stated, after the performance, Leo and Ravi returned to the hotel to rest upon recommendation from the on-site paramedics,
and the remaining members returned to the hotel to rest after eating.
Right now as it is morning in Mexico, we’ve checked on the members’ health one more time,
and thankfully the two members and all of VIXX are healthy without any problems.
With what we said in the previous notice,
the two members plan on resting during their remaining schedules in Mexico,
if necessary they plan on seeing a specialist.
Jellyfish Entertainment will pay closer attention to the VIXX members’ health to ensure that similar problems do not occur in the future.
Once again we apologize for troubling fans.
Gratefully, our boys seem to be doing much better today and they are well on the road to recovery! At the moment it seems like the members have once again been deemed healthy, and soon to be well rested as well! I know that there has been disagreement's between Starlight's and other fandoms and I would like to sincerely thank everyone that has handled the situation maturely. This may be a tense time, however it is our boys 4th Anniversary! As they do seem to be doing much better now, let's keep our mood up and celebrate this day happily!
Translations provided from: http://fyeah-vixx.com/
Thank God!! Now that's the best News I've heard all day!!
This is wonderful news. Thank you for the update.
Awesome!!!... So happy that they are doing better...😊