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i love dis video soo much it shows oppa's great performances in all his 4 shows dat we love BOF, FAITH,PERSONAL TASTE AND CITY HUNTERS :) I LOVE UUUUU I NEED UUU I WANT U MYYY OPPPA U R JUST SOOO AWESOME MY OPPA I AM SOO PROUD OF UUUU MUAHHHHS <3 :-* ;)
LOL i doubt they will come to NY but still praying laaaa last time he came to LA 2 :/ NOT NY :(
If they film on sept, its gonna Be Autumn .. Kinda breezee .. Yes it is cold for him to shoot in NY.. Coz Fall gonna come on Oct,, lol
@mheekell no they change the location TO US bcs KIM TAN which is the character name 4 oppa it will be 2 cold 4 oppa lols they did mention LA and few other states I am praying they also pick NY plzzzz plzzz plzzz u 2 pray plzzzz
Do u hear a news its says the heirs gonna be film in australia not in the US, im so confused in this news, before theys say in the USA coz they change it..
@bigmamanee3 yup I can't wait 4 heirs @mheekell sure u can hun I blv in u u can mk a video btr then dat mk one after heirs so we will have all his 5 shows best acting I can't wait 2 c dat until then u can prepare urself to mk the video best of luck chingu :-)
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