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i love dis video soo much it shows oppa's great performances in all his 4 shows dat we love BOF, FAITH,PERSONAL TASTE AND CITY HUNTERS :) I LOVE UUUUU I NEED UUU I WANT U MYYY OPPPA U R JUST SOOO AWESOME MY OPPA I AM SOO PROUD OF UUUU MUAHHHHS <3 :-* ;)
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@bigmamanee3 yup I can't wait 4 heirs @mheekell sure u can hun I blv in u u can mk a video btr then dat mk one after heirs so we will have all his 5 shows best acting I can't wait 2 c dat until then u can prepare urself to mk the video best of luck chingu :-)
Do u hear a news its says the heirs gonna be film in australia not in the US, im so confused in this news, before theys say in the USA coz they change it..
@mheekell no they change the location TO US bcs KIM TAN which is the character name 4 oppa it will be 2 cold 4 oppa lols they did mention LA and few other states I am praying they also pick NY plzzzz plzzz plzzz u 2 pray plzzzz
If they film on sept, its gonna Be Autumn .. Kinda breezee .. Yes it is cold for him to shoot in NY.. Coz Fall gonna come on Oct,, lol
LOL i doubt they will come to NY but still praying laaaa last time he came to LA 2 :/ NOT NY :(