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The long awaited finale is here.
Thanks so much to everyone that has taken the time to read this. I love you all. and thanks again for reading my lame story! :D
Let's get to it.
(Kai's POV)
​I was pulled away from Chen and Xiumin, by Suho. He wouldn't answer my questions, we were driving, until we pulled up to a familiar house. My eyes widened as he pulled up into the side and got out.
​​​​"Let's go Jongin." He said I didn't want to move, but Suho just grabbed my arm and pulled me ​​​​​​​​​​along with him.
​​​​​"Hyung..I don't" He just pushed me through the front door, as I landed on the ground. I seen feet walk up in front of me and the voice I never forgot.
​​​​​​​​"Yeobo...welcome home." ​​​​​​
​(Xiumin's POV)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We hit a little snag on our way, but what was even worse, Kai is gone and we seemed to think that Suho took him.
​We were told to wait and follow to the hospital, we happened to look and watched them pull Sehun and Lay out of the water, they were doing the CPR on them, Chen held onto me crying silently as I just looked away, the officer was calming us down when we heard someone over the intercom,
​​​​​ "We got the boys breathing, get an abulance down here.
​​​​​"They held their breath" ​​​​Chen said I nodded and got up. "Let's go get him." I said.
​"Where are you boys going?" The officer asked,
​​​​​"Getting clothes for them, we gave you our statements." Chen Said the cop nodded and let us go.
​We got in my car and went, closing in where we were going up this familiar street,
​​​​​"Hyung?" Chen said as we pulled up to the house. ​"Hyung this is..." Chen started again I nodded and realized it as well. We were at Jongin and Kyungsoo old house. We just looked at each other,
​​​​​ "Ready?" I asked him He nodded I pulled out my gun from the middle compartment. "Let's Go"
​We walked up the steps and realized the door was already opened, I pushed the door open and went inside, hearing voices from the living room we walked in and seen Kai kneeling down face bloodied. I looked to see Suho sitting on the couch drinking alcohol from a glass cup looking at us, then we heard his voice.
​"Ah, Minseok and Jongdae hyung nice of you to join us." Kyungsoo said walking in from the kitchen. He pointed a gun at us, "Now if you don't want to get shot, I suggest you pass everything you have off to Junmyeon here." He said patting Suho on his back. He only smirked and got up, coming towards us and handing his hand out, I pulled my gun and gave it to him. before he turned away I punched him in the face.
​"YOU BASTARD." I yelled, before I got to say anything else, I felt cold steel to the side of my face as I fell, Chen tried to reach down and help but Suho pointed the gun at him,
​​​​​"You were helping him all along weren't you." I spat, Suho smirked and laughed. "Well so was Chanyeol, but he already met death" He said, looking at Kyungsoo.
​​​​​"Where's Rae? I swear you hurt her-" "All in good time Hyung, well actually... I kinda told her a lie and she's probably all broken up about it still... I'm suprised she hasn't even killed herself yet." Kyungsoo said.
​​​​​"What did you tell her?" I said,
​​​​​"He killed Baek in front of her and told her you were dead." Kai managed to say, Kyungsoo walked over to Kai
​​​​​"yeobo, what did I say if you spoke out while our guests were here?" He said walking towards him. I heard Kai whimpered. "Hyung why don't you go upstairs to get our long awaited guest." He asked Suho. ​​​​​​​​​​​​
​(Rae's POV) ​​​​​​​​
​I laid here, feeling broken, I heard voices downstairs, then it was quiet again, then I heard them again, I was wondering what was going on. I got myself up and sat on my bed ooking at that picture again, I looked to the floor where Baekhyun laid when I last seen him.​​ I heard steps outside the door, then unlocking and it opened it, I closed my eyes
​​​​​"Rae?" I looked up to see him, who I thought it was "Minseok?" but he moved close "No, noona it's me" I looked again and see Suho "Junmyeon?" I said as he came to me, "Let's Go." He said sternly. I looked at him but something seemed off...
​Suho dragged Rae downstairs, and threw her to the ground, she cried out in pain, as Minseok tried to reach out to her, put got pushed back from Suho.
​She looked up to him "Kyungsoo.." She wimpered out, He walked over to her and grabbed her face
​​​​​"D.O!" Minseok shouted, He smirked and made her face look to him,
​​​​​ "Look who's here noona." ​​​​​​​​​​​​Kyungsoo said. She felt like she couldn't open her eyes but when she did.
​"Min...Minseok?" She said then trying to reach him Kyungsoo pushed her down, as Xiumin rached for her and picked her up,
​​​"I'm here jagiya, I'll always be here nothing will keep me from you" He said before Kyungsoo came up and pushed him back,
​​​​​"that's enough now." He said, he pulled Rae over and threw her towards Kai.
​​​​​ "Noona?" Kai said holding on to her, she was frightened and looked to Xiumin and Chen as the were kneeling as Kyungsoo turned around.
​​​​​"Now let's get tithe fun part shall we?" He said smiling. Xiumin and Rae looked at each other like it was the first time.
​​​While Suho's back was turned Kyungsoo pulled his gun, Rae had to act fast, she seen a wooden pole laying on the ground she grabbed it and slammed Kyungsoo with it and grabbed his gun, she pointed it towards Suho.
​​​​​"I'd put that away if I were you." He said to her she only smirked
​​​​​"if you were me you'd do the same Junmyeon " she replied, she cocked the gun back ready to fire if he tried anything, but instead he pointed it at Chen
​​​​​"put it down or he'll die." Suho said. She hesitated, but never lowered it, he cocked his gun,
​Chen had his eyes closed shut, but then opened them, Suho dropped to his knees, looked at the blood on his hands. He looked up to Rae and smiled. Her face went sad, Chen caught him before he fell and laid him down,
​​​​​"I'm so sorry" He said before he closed his eyes.
​"Well, done I didn't think you had the guts noona" Kyungsoo said, she turned around, as Kyungsoo punched her, the gun she held was thrown away from her. Before Kyungsoo started on her, Xiumin ran and tackeled him to the ground they both started at it, Xiumin puching him, Kyungsoo rolled on him and punched him, he got up to kick Xiumin, as he fell Chen got up to help him.
​"I wouldn't do that hyung" Kyungsoo stated pointing the gun at him. Rae came and pushed him down but after when he pulled the trigger and shot Chen in the side, he fell feeling the pain as he cried out, Jongin went to help him as Rae was handling Kyungsoo herself.
​"Come on Kyungsoo, me and you." She spat, he went to hit her as she dodged it, and punched him in the gut. He went down as she kneeled down to grab the gun that fell. She stood over him and pointed the gun it at him.
​"Do, it" He said looking at her with a smirk on his face. She felt herself tremble, out she couldn't pull the trigger.
​"I-I can't she said backing up Kyungsoo got up.
​​​​​"But I can" He said grabbing the gun out of her hands
​Rae felt pain in her shoulder as she fell to the ground. "RAE!" Xiumin and Chen called out.
​Kai stood up and walked to Kyungsoo, he limped placed his hand on his shoulder,
​​​​​"Yeobo, I knew you wouldn't leave me" Kyungsoo said, tears coming down Kai's face
​​​​​"I loved you. I really did" He said, He pulled out the gun Suho dropped and shot Kyungsoo in the chest.
​Kyungsoo stood for a moment, then leaned into Kai​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, as they both fell.
​"You.. I... Jongin" Kyungsoo said before breathing out his last breath.
​​​​​​​Everything was silent, just the faint cries of Jongin, to the sound of the police sirens in the distance. ​Xiumin pulled Rae into his arms carfully, as she winced in pain from the gunshot on her shoulder
​​​​​"Everything is alright, I'm here Jagi." He said to her.
​​​​​She smiled knowing that everything was going to be alright and that it was over.


​(2 Years Later)
​In Memory of
​Wu Yifan - Lu Han- Huang Zitao- Park Cahnyeol- Byun Beakhyun- Kim Junmyeon- Do Kyungsoo
​Well be missed but never forgotten.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Xiumin, Rae, Chen, Jongin, Sehun and Lay stood infront of their friends grave, never gave much to think about the past events that happened to them.
​Xiumin held on to Rae's shoulder as her hand rested on her newly formed stomach​​​​. She looked to him and to her other friends they all nodded at her as she laid down 7 stemed roses in front of each placement. tears fell from her eyes as she got Chanyeol and Baekhyun's headstone.
​They all looked at each other, still living near to each other they stayed together.
​Chen and Lay were to get married in the fall, Kai started dating again and recently introduced his new boyfriend named Taemin to them a week before. Sehun left to study abraod in the states, Rae helped him with a places to live in Seattle.
​As you read Xiumin and Rae are expecting their first child in the spring. as they got married this past spring.
​They all lived, they were all happy. The missed their friends together, but they kept them alive. They never knew what was going through Kyungsoo's head, but one thing for they know for sure, was that he planned this out long before. If Jongin didn't finish him off they all would've been dead.
​They are all happy to be alive.
Well there it is.
It's a celebration of an ending :D
Thanls again for everyone who gave their time to read my story. You all seriously are wonderful.
I love you all!!! <3<3<3<3
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@selfishmachines When I read that they held their breathes, I was like YES!!!! THEIR NOT DEAD!!!! YOU CAN'T KILL THE UNICORN BUNNY!!!!!!!
@Kpossible4250 I was screaming in my house saying "They're still alive c3po their still alive" (Star Wars joke) my looked at me and I told her I brought them back life
awwww, kyungsoo died XDD jkjkjk... nice ending though, can't wait to see the next story you write
@Kpossible4250 heck no!! Lol
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