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Hello Everyone! Resident Ken Bug is back from My short Hiatus. I have missed you all, and let's get this Meme Madness done!

➺ Ken is most definitely me. I say I love you to my pizza in four different languages.

➺ Hongbin. . . are you sure you're not the mischievous maknae???

➺ Kenbug, can you not accept Leo's compliment you little arrogant guy. . . I still love you.

➺ Uhtoh Oh, Hyukie is pledging his loyalty to EXO. Poor Leader. It's okay N, he still loves you boys!!

➺ Okay nope, Hyukie is definitely the mischievous maknae.

➺ Although Hongbin IS the honorary Mischievous Maknae.

➺ D'awwweeee these boys take too much satisfaction from the mistakes of the others XD


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☆☆ I'll get right on doing the many updates that I am far behind on ☆☆
@xoxorittie ME too most definitely!!! ♡♡
@AimeeH Me too! I love them so much!! Yeah it is! I can see these boys going for years and years! I'd be perfectly fine with that
@xoxorittie Same!! I am so glad they opened my eyes to Got7 too!! omg right!! it's amazing!♡♡ I can't wait for more years to come!
@AimeeH Same!! I'd prolly still would've ended up loving GOT7 even if JR and JB weren't in it (thank goodness they are) but if it weren't for those two I prolly wouldn't have fallen for GOT7 as soon as I did! I wish those two could do like a one time JJ Project special or something. lol Gosh I can't believe it's been 4 years!
@xoxorittie Oh gosh yes!!! I loved JJ project! they were the door into my love for Got7
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