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I can't decide!! can you only choose 1?
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how about a mash up of all and we go crazy.
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Inuyasha. I just think feudal Japan is so beautiful. I always get a warm feeling whenever they show you the landscape in the show - especially as the sun sets. It's just so gorgeous. I would say Naruto, but I don't know about the way Konoha is now.
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@DevilsSon Oh Hell yea馃槅 Im down for that lol
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FUCK! NOT THIS AGAIN馃槚 Y WOULD U DO THIS TO ME!馃槶馃槶 I cant choose its to hard but I'd go Naruto馃槏 Bleach馃槏 Pokemon馃槏 Inuyasha馃槏 One piece馃槏 N Fairy Tail馃槏
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fairy tail....you can learn magic. anyone can
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