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Pairing:Reader X Kai School/ Fluff Enjoy.
When we arrived at his apartment I was surprised at how big it was. He handed me the keys so I could unlock the door. I ask where his roommate was. He responded slightly sluring his words, "He went on family trip to Taiwan." I kinda freaked out a little, the idea of me Kai along together. We entered his room I sat him down on his bed. I went in to his bathroom to look for a first aid kit to treat his wounds. I found it and re-entered the bedroom to find him changing his clothes. I quickly turn away. I could feel myself blushing. I turned back when said he was done. He had on blue pajama pants and no shirt. I sat down next to him on the bed and began to treat his wounds. I started with his face. I had a wet washcloth that used to wipe away his blood. As I am doing this I. could see his face filled with pain. "Sorry" I say. He says "it fine it just stings a little" with a forced smile. Then I put antibiotic ointment on his cuts and placed Band-Aids on them. He had many dark reddish purple bruises on his ribs and back. Seeing those made me pissed and want to cry. I hated the bitch Kate for making Kai go through this. I found a roll of galls and tightly wrapped around his ribs. "All done", I said. "Thanks" he said with a smile. "Well I should be going it's late and you need rest." As I was getting ready to walk out the door he grabbed my wrist. "What's wrong" I questioned. He responded in a shy voice, "Can you stay and lay with me until I fall asleep?" I was shock by his request. Never in a million years I thought he would ask that. I was silent for a moment then I said " Yes but I need to call my roommate. She gets worried about me." Hello Amber I'm staying at a friend's house right now and I will be coming home late so don't wait up." "Ok" she responded. And I hung up the phone. I turn off the main light and he turned on lamp that was on the night stand. I climbed in the bed and sat up against the head board with my legs extended. He placed his head on my lap and I ran my hand through his hair to help him fall asleep faster. As I was I was doing this I began to dose off as well. I tried my best to stay awake. The next morning I wake up from the sun hiting my face. I feel Kai's face nuzzled on my shoulder and his arms wrapped around me.
I slowly try to remove myself from his embrace but he would hold me closer and tighter. I was only able to turn over to ultimately end up facing him. He was so cute while he slept. As I am looking at him, he startled me with his sudden movements. He moved his face closer to mines. We were so close that I could feel him breathing. The next thing I know he moves closer and places him lips on mine. I didn't know what to do. I kissed him back which made him deepen the kiss. I felt him add his tongue in between each kiss. I pulled away as I felt him lick my bottom lip. He smiles and says "Good Morning." Still in shock at what had just taken place, I studdered out with a slight smile, "Hi. What was that for?" He responded "That was for last night." Then he moved in again and kissed me once more and said, " And that was for right now." I smiled then slightly frowned. I realized I said that I will help him, but I can't this way. At that I quickly pushed away from him and stood up saying ,"We can't do this it's not going help you."
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