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JiminxReader Chapter 3: Life was great. You had everything you ask for. Health, family, love, success, everything seemed wonderful and like there was nothing that could ruin that for you.. So you thought.. . . .

Jimin's POV

I haven't seen her all day, as soon as we got in she dropped off all of her stuff in the dance room and was pulled into meetings for our comback. You knew she is acting like she is okay and everything was normal, but you could feel like a part of her had left when she saw her father yesterday. He wasn't in a good state. While she was in the room with him you got to speak to her mother and the doctor. . . . Yesterday at the hospital
"How is he?" You walked up to her mother and the doctor having a discussion in the hall way. Of course her mother was also very distressed, but you found it odd that she wasn't breaking down like your girlfriend was. They both turned to you, as soon as her mom saw you she hugged you tightly. You hugged back and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. She turned back to the doctor and said "Doctor, this is my son in law," she had been calling you that since the first time she met you "please explain to him what has been happening to my husband the past few months" "Few months?!" You blurted out "Shhhhh!" She scolded you "keep your voice down!" "Sorry" you half bowed apologizing, even though she just yelled at you for yelling "but.. What do you mean few months?" "Oh, well," the doctor began to explain "for the past few months your father in law has been registered in our nursing home facility because earlier this year he had come into the ER for suffering multiple stokes within the same day, which caused major damage to his brain." Your stomach tightened and twisted, you felt like throwing up, and your eyes began to water "So.. So w-what happened?" "Well the damage to his brain cause him to lose all function in his limbs and had also affected his memory. The week he spent with us when he was rushed into the ER he was showing signs of the early stages of dementia, which rapidly increased. We figured he had had a few more minor strokes within that time, minor in the sense that we couldn't detect them, but major in the sense that it made the process of the dementia continue into is further stages." You had already started to cry while he was explaining, now you just couldn't control it, you grabbed onto your girlfriends mother and cry into her shoulder. She comforted you, like your own mother would but you pulled away once you realized what this meant, startling your 'mother in law'. "So wait." You say in a stern whisper, annoyed but trying to keep your voice down "This has been happening for how long now?! Months?! And you haven't told her?!" Pointing to the door to the hospital room your girlfriend and her father were in. She quickly grabbed both of your hands, holding them against her and began to quickly explain "I didn't want to worry you guys. You both have been super busy and I have been taking care of him. I knew this was coming, just not so sudden. And I couldn't let her see her father in the condition he was in. He was suffering Jimin. He couldn't do anything for himself. You know how he felt about now being able to do anything for long. And not only that, he...." She had been rambling her excuse for not letting you both know about his condition when she suddenly stopped to hold back her tears "What happened?" You ask, tears still rolling down your cheeks She cleared her throat "He didn't remember who she was" she looked teary eyes towards the door Your heart almost stopped. He didn't remember her? His little girl, his angel, his everything. He forgot who she was. She started again "I tried everything I could to make him remember. I would show him home videos, pictures, share stories with him. But nothing." You pull her in for a tight hug and you both stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, both of you silently crying. "Please don't tell her. She wouldn't be able to bear to hear that her hero, her soul mate, forgot who she was." You sniffle and reply "I won't. I... I won't" You didn't want to tell her to begin with, but you couldn't lie her either..
. . . Present time You and the boys had just finished a run through of the choreography you had learned the day before and were taking a short break. All of you discussing the foot work and such when suddenly you all hear a phone ring. You all look around at each other, trying to figure out who's phone it was, all the boys shaking their heads at one another, intending it wasn't theirs. There was only one other phone in the room that didn't belong to either of the seven of you. You dart your eyes towards her bag and rush to it. You pull it out, reading the contact name on the screen "Mom" You quickly answer it "Hello?!" "Jimin!" She yelled "You two need to come over now!" "W-what's wrong" you start to panic "Just please, you need to get her over here! He's awake and he doesn't have much time left!" And with that she hung up You need to find her.
Admin: Wow, this fic getting darker and darker.. Well.. You guys will soon catch up with the theme, unless you have already? Hm? I wonder? Oh! Just a little fun fact, all the titles of each of the chapters are lyrics to songs that I listened to while either writing the chapter or the song that played when I was about to publish the chapter 😊 Well, anywho, what did you guys think of this chapter?? Tell me what you thought in the comments, I love to hear your feed back. Tags~ @haniarocioo @CrystalGuerra @MariaMontoya1 @Orihemay @tiffany1922 @EmmaJolie @IsoldaPazo @faith92 @amburg171997 @maritesssison @leelee12 @juliavip @aliendestina @kpossible4250 @michellerosa @greciaflores @littlemaryk @jaiipanda @juliavip @momochamie @nerdydemigod @jessicalista @nathalyalamo298 @sindyhernandez @lizzy987 @eliortiz13 @sarahdarwish @shelby101 @angeladarkness @resavalencia @jaysbae13 @bridgetjara @jiminakpop @jimin21abs @janellym123 @melissagarza @patricias @kristinacaron @betseybleau Let me know if you want to be added or removed ^-^
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