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As you all probably know by now, my bff from waaay back graduated from college this weekend!

I couldn't be there, so in true best friend fashion, I had to make her totally nervous even though we're apart.

She graduated from USD which is a pretty big school.

They had graduation in a big hall where all of the graduates were on HUUUUGE tv screens so if she had fallen it would have been epic. She gets really nervous doing anything that could lead to embarrassment so I just HAD to send that message LOL!

Does anyone else have this kind of teasing relationship with their friends?!

you're not friends with someone if you don't tease them lol. I fuck with my boy all the time and vice versa, especially out in public. the first time I chilled with him I was with my other friends, he was a grade under me at the time, we were in toys r us and I called him into the next aisle and punched him in the face with a cheap boxing glove and broke his nose lmao. we've been best friends ever since that day
of course. 馃槇
a truly evil friend would find a way to make their friend fall
yup :3 and they hate me for it xD lmfao
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