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While organizing my closet I found my mom's hair claw in one of my cabinet. She obviously forgot to pack it in her luggage. My hair was down this morning, raining outside and there's no reason not to use it. I did a quick French twist and tried to secure the twist with the hair claw. The result was disappoint. It didn't look like the lady's hairstyle (above).
Found another hair claw styling idea on Freepeople and decided try it again. I pull my hair in a ponytail (with no hair elastics). Take a piece and wrap it around the ponytail. Then, clasp the hair claw at the center (as pictured above). The result: the hair claw did not hold the style.
Maybe I was dong it wrong, so I looked up a tutorial on Youtube to refresh my memory on doing a French twist with a hair claw. Followed her two step instruction and failed again. I didn't want to give up, so I figured something out and finally this style stayed!
I didn't have a camera stand, so I timed my phone's camera and the picture came out a bit blurry. But you can see that that I braided the two side clasp the hair claw to create a half-up hairstyle.

Anyone have any experience or another idea how to style your hair with hair claw?

@petname83 I have to agree with you on this. Hair sticks are easier to pull off.
@cindystran it is! you need clear and elastics, bobby pins and tons of hair spray to really work them in my experience. i honestly feel ornamental sticks are easier to use.
@petname83 I never really use them either. Since I unintentionally own one now I was trying to make it work outside of lounge hour. However, it's a complicated hair accessory!
Looks like the hair claw is smaller than usual. This might be why it was hard to hold up all your hair!
i never figured how my aunt does it nither. she has tons tho.
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