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@LeannePratt i ship you with Namjoon! you guys are so ugh just looking at you and him together its so cuteee~ i just i just cant!! kyahh~πŸ˜†πŸ˜† adorbs~ hope you like it sorry it tooks so long thank you for being patient~
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Omg @taetaebaozi thank you it's so cute I love RapMon. He destroy everything he touches and I'm gravity challenge haha and we both can't dance but we try. I think we would be so cute together too. And it's didn't take that long you where super fast so thank you so much
@LeannePratt im glad you liked it~ and yes i agree haha he is the master of destruction haha im in love with his dimples he is just so ugh adorable!~ and your welcome im just glad you liked it~
Like it I love it hahah
@LeannePratt awww im glad you loved it then lol