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Welcome, everyone, to Too Much Tuesdays!

It's the weekly Funny Community game that gets us all feeling a little bit closer - by sharing pretty disgusting stories about ourselves!

Do you DARE to answer this Tuesday's question?

Today's TMT: Have you ever had a public wardrobe malfunction?

Did your pants rip in a very public place? Or maybe one of those mortifying swimsuit incidents that always seems to happen to someone you know EVERY summer? Share your story with us!
My answer: One time, I was at the mall with my guy friend and didn't realize that there was a foot-long gash in the back of my dress and my butt (with underwear, thank god) was just sort of hanging out there for everyone to see. I kept hearing people giggling behind me, but figured kids were just being kids, so didn't think anything of it, until the guy I was with was finally like "Uh.. Dani? There's a.. huge hole in your dress." When I went to go feel for it, my hand went right to my butt, and I was PANICKED. Fortunately, I had a black tube skirt in my car randomly, so he put his hoodie around my waist while we headed out to the parking lot, and I threw it on underneath my dress.

Now it's your turn: CONFESS!

@danidee lord soft bottoms sweater got caught on some thing and it ripped in half so and i wasent wearing a shirt under this was all at the mall but im a rebel so i just walked around shirtless got a lot of people looking me up and down
One time me and one of my guy friends were horse-ing around and at that time he always wore his family ring. Well while we were horse-ing around his ring some how got caught on ths front of my shirt and while he was trying to get unstuck he somehow ripped my shirt all the way down the front right in half. Well neadless to say I stole his sweatshirt and he had to buy me a new shirt.....
bent over to tie my baby cousins shoe at kmart xheckout and the ass ripped right out of my shorts
the day I was cosplaying at a con and my friend and I was too early so as we left the building to come back later the wind blew my skirt up in the back showing my purple leggings and my friend went "Marilyn Monroe much?"
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