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In Need of Some Friends & Followers!!
Hey guys Introduce yourselves to me! >_< My name is Ashley. I have been an anime fan since i watched adult swim as a kid & I learned the japanese alphabet in 6th grade. I love all 90s anime & would love to. visit japan someday!
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- Alcides is another name for Hercules. It is also my middle name -Romance, romance, and more romance! -Clannad, because you'll cry for days 😂 @JennyPahua @Shinoa143 @BlackoutZJ
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HELLO!! My name is literally my username. My favorite anime genre is romance, shoujo, and comedy. I recommend Food Wars because look at them food. And I don't have friends on vingle so I can't tag anyone lolz
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@CindyLin I know what you mean, I only have a few up here 😂😂
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lol yep 😋😆
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